Thursday, March 05, 2009

Holy Crap, I'm Outta Beer!

I shall return shortly.
I hate it when this happens.
H/T tip to my lovely friend Suzanne for turning me onto this little ditty, enjoy until I get back.

BTW, the reference to KPIG?
If ya like the Blues, tune in on a Saturday night.


  1. I'm shotgun, Busted! Chose not to partake earlier. Oh the stupid decisions we're later forced to live with!!!

  2. laughing my forking arse off busted! i love this forking ear worm song and it takes me right back to highway 9 in the santa cruz mountains, kpig on the radio, blaring this song.

    thanks for the trip down memory lane dood

  3. First time I heard that was on 'The Bob & Tom Show'.
    Thanks, Busted. Haven't heard it for awhile.

  4. Where you been? Todd Snider!

    See if you can find the youtube of him explaining how George Jones ripped off Beer Run.

    Then wander yourself through CCRWRSWAM, When You're Broke, Double-wide Blues, I Was Lookin' for A Job, You Got Away With It, Happy New Year, Statistician's Blues... The boy can lyric with snarky aplomb.

    Hope you laid back in the weasel den and got a good buzz on.
    Good on ya.

  5. I may have to try and play that one next time I am at a party. Pretty funny.