Sunday, March 08, 2009

It's Spring My Ass!

Daylight saving time, it is now 12:08 PM, on a Sunday, March 8th and as I look outside, it is snowing like a bastard.

Now it has quit.
We get some goofy weather around here this time of year.
Last night I had to make another beer run and I went out and my truck was covered in frozen rain pellets.

I remember last year, late May, it hailed two solid inches and then snowed.
I couldn't get my garden in until June.
It will probably be the same this year.
I just want to get into my place and get busy.
Twenty odd days, the folks should be heading this way.

I am glad they get to take some time off, they sure as hell deserve it and they enjoy it immensely.
Nice and sunny with warm temperatures where they are at, it sure as hell isn't snowing.

I have a lot to do and right now none of it is getting done.
Oh well, patience, soon enough I will be getting with the program again.
I see in the news that the financial catastrophe is right on schedule, now any pensions I was looking forward too are going to go up in smoke.

I have to take Gram down to get a prescription filled sometime today, no hurry, just some nose drops.
In the mean time I think I will do some laundry and kind of pick up a little.
Gotta change the cat box again, that is always a good gagging.

Stupid cats, ya let 'em outside and they sit in front of the sliding glass door with their little legs crossed until ya open it up and then they hightail it into the bathroom to use the litter box.
Something is wrong with this picture.

Speaking of cats, that little fucker Baby is bored but won't go outside, go figure.
She has been tormenting the other cats, sharpening her claws on my mothers furniture, (A BIG no no) and generally being a nuisance.
She has jumped up on me three fucking times already and I finally had it.
I gave her a good flying lesson and then drilled her ass with my baseball cap at a dead run from eight feet away, while sitting down.
I think she went into the bedroom to sulk.

Anybody that tells you that you can't train a cat needs to see my baseball cap throwing abilities.
All I have to do is move my hand towards my forehead and that little shit is peeling out.
She HATES "The Hat".

Update Two:

Stupid cat.
Not two minutes later, here she comes again, whining,"I'm BORED"!

I coaxed her ass over and snatched her up and threw her ass outside, where she currently sits, staring into the sliding glass door, with her back legs crossed.


  1. Damn kitties, think they rule the roost.

    At least we can pretend that they don't.

    Speaking of furry friends, my squirrel buddies are back. They sit on my deck nibbling on sunflower seeds and check out the neighbors. There's always a good fight going on over there. Better than TV.

  2. Awww, poor wittle titty tat. I'm not a cat person even tho I had to have them cuz of the daughter, the day she moved out and took them cats was the best day of my life! One night in her apartment, the 2 big fat cats were racing thru the house, the big boy Ashley (yes his name was Ashley!), went running into the kitchen and slammed head first into the wall and it killed him instantly!!! It was horrible and Kim called screaming hysterically to tell me! We buried him in the back yard the next morning and we both stood there and cried! Poor little titty tat...
    BTWm, where do you live? Were in NJ and brother Bud says we're getting another snowstorm next week, hes a bigtime weather watcher on the web! Gosh I hope he's wrong!!

  3. I have two Siamese roomies, and they learned their lesson with my use of a squirt bottle full of all I have to do is reach for the bottle and BAM...gone!

    Lots of entertainment, though!

  4. Sue, right now I am at my parents house in Vancouver Washington.
    The snow came and went almost in minutes and now the sun is shining, it is sixty degrees out on the porch and there is a Robin in the back yard.
    Goofy weather, I'm tellin' ya.

  5. I know how exasperated you must get at your cats, but when you talk about them, it cracks me up. I treat our cats like people, too.

    and SNOW? now that's just too cruel.

  6. I wish you got as much entertainment out of your cats as I do, I think they're freaking hilarious. I can just hear their thoughts:
    "Oh NO! The HAT!"

  7. I'm in HermitJim's camp ... my kittehs seriously dislike "MrBottle."

    Busted, do you ever take your hat off? Baby might take revenge on Hat someday. And the smell of cat piss does not wash out easily. Put some Atmosklear (i buy it at Ace Hardware) in the laundry water, it'll kill the aroma. Yeah, i'm speaking from personal experience.

    Tai Chi helps too. When the late great Sir TwitchyTail Furball would chew on my hair in the middle of the night, the ancient Tai Chi move Flying Cat Hits Wall would usually bring serenity.

  8. LOL!
    Flying lessons, Tai Chi style, are still flying lessons in the end.
    Nice to know I'm not the only one!

    Thanks for stopping by folks.

  9. SOME people I know (relatives I can't mention) worship cats and bow to their every whim.

    I am not a cat person. Hell, I'm not a pet person.

    I was. I KNOW about cat flying.

    I coulda been, still, a pet person.

    But I, and WE, ain't.

    But the relatives . . .

    Mention cat flying lessons or cat discipline, and it's like ya threatened to gas their offspring.

    Lordship of critters is too fuckin wierd for me. Hell, I can't even get my old lady to keep ME in line, sometimes . . . *G*

    Too much worship, not enuff Bushmills and Pickin, I've always said.

    Yep, I've ALWAYS said THAT!

    'Kin kats . . . .

  10. Oh yea, I heard there was snow out in the Northwest, maybe thats whats coming my way, hope not! Hey busted, do you stalk the conservative blogs? I'm trying hard to stay away but I can't seem to break the terrible habit! They hate me, they call me names, they ban me from commenting, but I keep going back to read their disgusting hatefilled posts!! Help me!!

  11. I don't waste my time on those illiterate assholes.

  12. It's in the mid 70's here in the Republic of East Texas. Think I'll go do a round of golf. Don't forget the brew Busted! Its tough these days but it's not full combat conditions yet.

    PS, you can return the favor by telling me how the weather is up there in August when I have over 100 in degrees and % of humidity!