Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Backing Away From The Abyss

Holy Shit what a deal.
Every single employee where I work has this shit. All of 'em.Even the administrators in a different building have been hammered.
I see it has pretty much went through the whole fucking country, just by cruising my normal reads.
Knock yourself out with Nyquil as many times as it takes, sleep is the only thing that will get rid of the fucker.

Sonofabitch, Ten hours of knock out last night and I felt 90% better this morning but I am going to knock myself the hell out again just for good measure.

How much better do I feel?

Those assholes at AIG just lit the torches in this country, finally.
I literally saw on the NYT site that they were refusing to reveal the names of the bastards slated to receive the bonuses that they were doling out on the tax payers dime because they had received so many death threats.

No, Really?
Who knew so many people living in fucking tents still subscribed to The New York Times?


  1. Glad you are getting a bit better, my man. Hang in there!

  2. Well what the fuck did those motherfuckers at AIG expect, thank you notes?!?

  3. While the AIG thing is complete bullshit, it's a FUCKING DIVERSION from the fact that the fed just shit a trillion bucks into the system in a vain attempt to jumpstart this dead ass economy. Obammy is a fucking liar, everything AIN'T dandy, there's a giant shit ball rollin' toward the Weasel Den right now! Get ready to get the fuck out of the way Busted! Fuck a fan, the shit is fixin' to hit one o' them big ass wind turbines!

  4. Hubby and I had this crud thing from September to, well, now, and because we had it so long and got so much BAD advice from supposed doctors, we're on a super antibiotic for the super-virus-triple-infection thing it evolved into. Wish we'd just taken the nyqol and slept for a week.

    The AIG thing has me so ticked off that I can barely see straight. I blogged about it ... thought I'd ask my question here too: is it possible that the American Taxpayers can bring a class action (for misuse of taxpayer funds or something similar) against the AIG Executives who don't return their "bonuses"?

    Vikki at