Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's A Week Early, So Sue Me

I completely forgot about my Blogiversary last year and don't ask me why, I just happened to think about it tonight.

On the 27th, this little bit of Blogtopia will turn three.
Three years I have been churning out expletives and rants that would make a sailor blush.
That's something, I guess.
Here is my first post, just for posterity.

My first post

I had to start this blog to leave a comment on somebody elses blog. I will return later and leave some kind of raving lunatic rant about politics or something.

How prophetic was that?!
Yep, I ranted and raved during the BushCo regimes tenure and I ain't done with those cocksuckers yet, either.
This current financial meltdown is in no small part, from their watch.
I know Clinton is not blameless but just for shits and giggles, take a hard look at reality.

Anyway, Obama and those spineless fuckers in charge right now sure as shit are not getting any kind of free pass, I call Bullshit when I see it, I don't care who is in charge.

There is Bullshit going on too, never seems to be an end to the fucking over of the average working person.

I have actually tried to steer away from the political crap because it makes me very, very angry, and I don't need the stress, I have enough lately, thank you very much.

I would like to take a moment and personally thank anyone and everyone who has stopped by to see what ever I am ranting about, I appreciate that it is a conscious decision to take time out of your day.

To my regulars, (that just sounds weird to type),Thank you for your comments and continued readership.

It took a long time to get any kind of traffic through here at all, and over the last year, this little juice joint kind of took off.

I just want you to know that I am sincerely grateful for the support.

Phil Paul, AKA, Bustednuckles, the Ornery Bastard.


  1. Dear Busted:

    On yer blogiversary may I be the first to suggest that Gilley, then Drifty, and such might have this to say about that. Course, what would THIS Larue know.

    "Fuck you, you fuckin fuck."

    Add some New Yawk Yanks into that, and I'm sure you'll unnerstant and appreciate where this Larue's comin from.

    Thanks for all yer shit. It's been GOOD shit.

    Keep that shit comin.

    I shit you knot. Yer funny, I appreciate that.

    -Larue, W/Respect

  2. happy blogiversary busted. my blog is 10 days older than yours -started mine on st patty's day, 2006.

  3. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Dear Busted,
    3 fuckin years? I been readin your shit for 3 fuckin years? Fuck me runnin.

    Seriously though, without your rants I would have only the Rude One for posts in my own language. I suppose this explains why I visit so frequently. Please do not take my lack of comments as a sign that your work is not valued. It is. Happy blogiversary.


    Oh yeah, your blog must be good because Susanne shows up.

  4. Happy happy, merry merry, and all that other bullshit. Here's to many more years of shit that would make George Carlin proud! But you do need to round out your use of the "heavy seven". Remember, it's "piss, shit, cunt, fuck, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits"! Bwaaaaahahahahaha!!!

  5. Slap-happy Birthday there, dude, or should that be anniversary....oh well, know what I mean.

    Hope ya have many more years of fuckin' bitchin' an' complainin'.

    I do enjoy reading your posts, don't always comment, but do love reading them.

  6. Hey Busted...congrats on making it for three years!

    One thing about it, as long as there is politics, we'll never run out of material to write about!

  7. Happy fuckin' blogiversary.


  8. Politics...or cats.
    Have a happy.

  9. I for one come especially for your fn rants! Keep it up and Happy Blogoversery!

  10. Happy Tubes Day, BK!

    Wish I had found you earlier. Like a person who starts watching a game in the 3rd quarter, I missed all the action from the start.

    You speak Saxon better than most speak the English. The language may be fierce, but the message is as clean as white linen.

    Many more years and lots of good fortune your way.

    Some day, if you're so inclined and you find your way near Renton, we should get together and drink a toast at Jimi's grave!

    Us old fools run the world, or we would if we could get outta the chair.

  11. Thank y'all very much!

  12. Happy happy!
    Recent lurker - your rants give me something to laugh about most times. I need that.


  13. congratufuckinglations on your third anniversary!

  14. Happy Birthday :)

  15. Big mazeltov, pal. My day wouldn't be complete without a stop by here.

  16. Congratulations on three years of dedication and entertainment!

  17. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Congrats! And thank you. It sure helps keep this old fart semi-sane.

  18. Anonymous8:42 AM

    three fuckin years, hell that's longer than most of your relationships. As one who gets to enjoy you more then most I have found that your insight to most things throughout my life to be passionate and insightful with just the right amount of color. I could not ask for a better friend and brother. Keep on trucking and let the peeps out there know what I've known my whole life. You are the original ornery bastard.


  19. Congrats busted! You know how to lay out a righteous rant while keeping us all laughing. That "Silver Sailors Tongue, Motherfuckers!" award was no fluke. Ya fuckin earned it dood.

  20. Yep the Monkeyfister had you pegged right. Keep em coming.

  21. I'm a newby here but damn busted I'm so fuckin glad I found you!! I'm just sorry I missed 3 years of fun! Keep er comin'! xoxo

  22. Hey dear heart- and one blogger thus begat (beget?) another- my first title was "I did this for Busted, and all my kitteh friends". luvs ya