Monday, March 02, 2009

CPAC, 1832.

I was going to let this go because I have been so busy but some little cutie asked.
Yeah, you.

Where do ya start with these fucking assholes?

Let me do this.

Ann Coulter.
Lol, yer a sick bitch. Ya have a tendency to go on National Television wearing the same little black cocktail dress, over and over.Here is a hint, I hope ya got some clean underwear in your purse at all times.
If not, I am going to have to speak to yer mother.
Ya seem to have some kind of vitamin deficiency, fix that.

That whole, I just went through a High School Football Team Thing?

Knobby kneed bitch, get some. here is a hint.

Christ woman, get a new look,either that or patent a new catfish bait.

I certainly hope they figure out this little scam ya got going on about voting in places ya don't really live at, I figured out that shit twenty years ago and so has every every body else trying to get out of jury duty.
STFU and ask Palin about Massengills.


Rush Limbaugh?
Dude, I am saving you for last, you acidic worm medicine piece of shit. I'll get back to you later.

The "Honorable" John Bolten, otherwise known as the Rabid Walrus.

I really don't give a shit what this bastard had to say because I can pretty much paraphrase it blind drunk,

Iran,Iran, Iran!

The only Walrus ever documented to speak English , running in a Hamster wheel, while spinning his beard into a bullet proof vest costing a half a million bucks on the black market.

Where the hell is Rumsfield?

Dude, dig deeper, we haven't forgotten your ass.

One more, STFU,

Bill fucking Kristol.
Dude, I want you to declare that you have the winning lottery numbers and convince every fucking Republican and wannabe to throw their entire earnings, savings and the potential inheritance from your whole family all the way down to that one crazy aunt who willed all her money to her cat, onto negative four hundred ,sixty three. Call me, I have the tickets.

Let us not let Dick fucking Cheney to go unnoticed either.
Maybe some sympathetic Republican idiot can forget about the Billions of dollars this cocksucker squirreled away while in office and can spring for a paid for European vacation for the fucker, and he actually forgets about those pesky war crimes and goes, with extra luggage.

Whoowah! Here ya go!

The student donation ?

Tax deductible.

Yeah, teaching intolerance is fucking tax deductible but sex education is completely intolerable.

Y'all can go Fuck yerselves and spend a few days arguing over how that just worked for ya.

I am really sick and tired of y'all trying to shove your morality down my throat and me having to explain this fucked up shit to my beautiful 17 year old daughter.
Her Mother has already done an exemplary job of explaining to her to keep her knees together, as it should be . I have had to chew her ass for lying about where she was and where she was supposed to be,among other things, and Daddy don't mess around,.
I don't need you tight assed mother fuckers passing laws because you can't talk to your children.


  1. One thing about it...with these folks in office, we will NEVER run out of things to blog about!

    Enjoyable post!

  2. Excellent rant, dude, EXCELLENT!

    Each one of 'em needs a red-hot poker shoved up their ass, along with Bush and Gonzales.

  3. AaaaaaaaaaaH! Just what I needed today, its been a bad day at the neo-nazi blogs. Who do they think they are!! Enjoyable, thanks!