Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Have Met The Enemy, And It Is Me

Good Lord what a PackRat I am!
I have been hauling crap from here at the folks back to the Weasel Den, only to find out I need to throw out of bunch of crap there to make room for the crap I already hauled out!

What a mess.

Keerist have I been busy.

I did make some progress, just a little.

I still have more crap than will fit in the new place, I have come to that conclusion.

A bunch of ratty dishes went clink, clank, crash, goodbye.
That stuff is easy to come by at garage sales or Goodwill.
Several boxes went out with just a cursory glance at the contents, see ya!

Of course, I had to cherry pick a few things here and there just because, hey, it's my stuff.
I went and got some propane for the heater, did a spot carpet cleaning job at the foot of the bed, the whole place needs a major carpet cleaning, it's pretty bad in some high traffic areas.Found a decent place to stash my hardware, with a couple of false walls, found an antique clothes drying rack that collapses after ya take the rods out, that was pretty cool.
About three or four of the rods need to be replaced, they are just long dowels but the ends have been turned down to fit in the holes, I don't see much of a problem replacing those.

The toilet works, I will spare you the intimate testing process.

I found out why the POS stereo worked for two days at full blast while I was gone and never worked again.
It is a POS.
It is a twelve volt POS disguised as a component stereo.

There is no battery because apparently my new one went bye bye with the Rat Hole, dammit.

D.Where the battery is supposed to be, the cables were just laying on the sheet metal base, shorting out.
A little electrical tape took care of that but the stereo is terminal, it works for one second and then fades away for three seconds, repeat as often as it is on.
Shorting it out must have fucked it up.

No matter, a car stereo will fit easily and sound ten times better than that thing did when it was new.

The A/C works but it has a weak circuit breaker and needs a massive cleaning, along with a new filter.

I killed a few mushrooms in the back corner and have the stuff to fix the leaking roof, I just have to wait for it to quit raining and find a ladder, shouldn't be too big of a deal.

My old television actually works, I thought it was too old for the new digital shit, whatever, I don't watch TV hardly ever anyway, a bunch of brain damage at the push of a button.

My onion sets are going apeshit, I snagged some more of those little peat cups in a tray for three times what I paid for the last bunch for half the quality and started what was left over that wasn't rotten.
I started some sweet Banana Pepper seeds also, we shall see what happens there.
I love those things.
I put a few packages of seeds in the freezer for the next few weeks until I can get the garden going, I didn't even look out there today, I was too busy.

Yesterday after breakfast, I was yakking with Gram and picking my teeth with a toothpick when I got that sick feeling that something just went horribly wrong in my mouth.
One of my artificial teeth that is built on a Stainless Steel pin came clear the fuck out of my mouth, right in front, on top.

I stuffed the damn thing back in the hole after giving it one of those, fascinated that that shit came out of my mouth, intense inspections.
I have a dentist appointment at 8 o'clock in the fucking morning with a new dentist, the one who did the work retired. We shall see what kind of warranty they have.This new guy took over the business. This thing is only a couple of years old and the one right next to it is over thirty and has had a direct hit from a solid steel bar and didn't come out.

It was experimental when it got put in and that guy didn't screw around .
He actually drove the pin in my upper jaw with the cutest little hammer you ever saw and glued the absolute shit out of that thing.
Ohhh, the memories of that little procedure, you can thank your lucky stars you ain't had that done to ya.

Anyway, I still have a ton of shit to get done, so much for being on vacation, like Larue said in the comments, it ain't a vacation, it's parole.

It is now way past beer thirty.
Thanks fer stopping by.


  1. Good luck with yer tooth!

    When you get to that roof repair, I DO have some 'sperience with THAT shit. You want to make sure it is DRY & CLEAN. Scrape the seam where you want to seal with a putty knife. I like to round off the corners of the putty scraper so I don't gouge the shit out of things. Use the roof goop liberally, but do not do it if the weather around here is going to do what it does bestest and oftenest - rain. It should stay dry for a day or two. If it is not in a low spot, you COULD build a little roof over the patch with a couple of 2x4's and a scrap of plywood or something to keep it dry while it cures. Remember - RV roof leaks could be coming in many feet from where you think the leak IS. If there is already a LOT of goop up there, sometimes you can get away with sealing around the edges of the existing goop. REMEMBER rv roofs are notoriously NOT so strong, I suggest keeping a couple of scraps of 1/2 inch or more plywood around just for standing on up there. Make sure they are long enough to span the joists or whatever they are called when they are in a ceiling. GOOD LUCK WITH IT.

  2. It is at a seam that has been gooped before.
    I will get something to stand on and will use a four inch grinder with a flap wheel to take out the old stuff, it is pretty thick but just at the seam, and I have some stuff to replace it with that the maufacturers use that has aluminum in it that stays flexible, very good shit.
    Just gotta wait for it to quit raining on my parade!

  3. I have roof and teeth issues as well. What did that hammer look like? I get broken tools from my dentist and they come in real handy.

    Car made it back but think I'll have to eventually (perish this thought) shell out big bucks for head gaskets. I'll be driving this thing forever if that's the case.

  4. Ouch!

    That sucks worse than a leaky roof by a factor of ten bud!
    I am glad ya made it back, I saw you mentioned you were having some issues.
    I hope ya had a good time, it sure looks like ya did!

  5. Sounds like a hell of a day man. And I know what ya mean, that SOB in the mirror is out to get me. I have more trouble with him than anyone else, he's every damn where I go, can't shake him. He's a trouble maker too.

  6. shit shit and shit

    sorry dood

  7. At least it doesn't hurt, yet.

  8. Ok if yer sleeping in a bit, drinking early AND late, and not going to work it's a vacation.

    But yer gonna need a vacation by the time yer done with this one . . .

    Slainte Mtah, Busted, enjoy every beer sammich!

  9. you busy little beaver, you remind me of myself! And yes I do have a steel post with a porcelain tooth! It was a humilating 4 or 5 visit rootcanal and I'm scared every time I floss that it'll pop out!!! Damn I'll be very careful from now on!

  10. Keep pluggin' along, dude. It's just like ownin' a house, there's always somethin' that needs to be done or fixed.

  11. yer tv may still be working because the cutoff for the transition was postponed.

    in massachusetts/rhode island they stuck with the original february date. my 5 yr old tv is now a giant dust collector.

    is yours a flatscreen?

  12. Gosh, Knuckles, you have described my place - and its not just one but also several buildings in need of attention. Worry, worry all the time. With busted legs and back though, what good is the worry? Doesn't help one iota. I just move into another corner when it rains. Hope the roof over the computer doesn't spring a leak - then I'll be fixed for sure. Good luck with your fixins.

  13. I've had several of my real teeth do that. Once they're out, they're out. I have no teeth at all now, and I don't miss them except I can't eat radishes and cashews, etc. that I like. Since they've been gone I have not been sick as much as one day. No place for infections to get in.