Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bernie Maddoff To Plead Guilty

According to the LA Times, Maddoff is going to plead guilty to eleven counts, including,
money laundering, perjury and securities, mail and wire fraud.
The potential sentence could be up to 150 years.

I hope he gets every bit of that and although he is seventy years old right now, I hope he lives to a hundred and ten, fucking bastard.
This guy ripped off friends, relatives, even charities, fer chrissakes, leaving them penniless.
Scumbag doesn't even come close.
50 Billion dollars worth, by some estimates.

He has been under house arrest in his goddamn PENTHOUSE!
Anybody else would already have a new boyfriend waiting for you to come home to Daddy.

Fuckin' lowlife bastard, die in prison.


  1. I heard talk of the court going after that bastard for $170mil.

    Here awhile back I saw a pic of a guy across the street from the building where Madoff's penthouse is. He was holding a sign which read "Bernie, it's not too late to do the right thing, JUMP!"

  2. Maddoff's just one whitehead in a lower forty of pimples, assboils and pustules.

    More than a few of his marks made millions on the road to losing. The ledgers NEED to balance.

    Maddoff is NOT patient zero. The alleged $50 Billion stinks of drug bust puffery. "Street Value"...

    The whole smelly sphincter of the scam needs cleansing. AND DAYLIGHT.
    DOJ should immediately move to secure the paper trail. Sure it'd take years to sort through it all, but TIME we got. Make it so.

    Prosecuting the perpetrators should be priority one of the "law and order" set. Hell they still want Bill Ayers after 40 years. But hey, what do I know, I'm just a dirty fuckin' hippie.

  3. Actually, with this guilty plea, he doesn't have to give them any paperwork or tell where the money went. He is probably going to get away with that "it belongs to my wife" crap on the money he/they still have in the bank and the penthouse.

    While we'd like to see the scumbag in jail - I'd rather flay him inch by inch until he sings like a bird first. (kidding) (maybe)

  4. greed was his currency and greed will be his death but his sucess was driven by his victims greed ,
    this is the american dream , after all .