Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ya Want Some Cheap Entertainment?

Turn off the fucking television and go park in front of the nearest WallGreens for about forty five minutes.
Make sure ya have the stereo turned up to Brain Melt for the maximum effect, ya get bonus points for the looks ya get while watching the entertainment walk in and out.
Double extra bonus points if ya have one of those "Park In Front" thingies to hang off the mirror.

That ought to cure ya of some boredom, They should make a reality show out of that shit.


  1. you at walgreens getting an rx after seeing the dentist?

  2. He must have been, Suzanne.

    Probably still reeling from the drugs at the dentist.

    What the hell, it's cheap entertainment.

  3. Actually, there was no pai, no shots involved.
    The tooth was dead and root canaled with a metal pin inserted in the canal and a porcelain tooth attached.
    Apparently, the dead tooth broke off.
    They took an Xray and I handed him the tooth, he dug out some of the dead tooth inside the porcelain one and used a long whip like needle on the drill to stick some new cement up in my old tooth and put the porcelain one back in, done!
    The lady had to scrape off some extra cement, that stuff sets up fast!

    It is actually kind of throbbing a little bit this morning but nothing I can't live with.

    I had to take Granny to Walgreens, that's why I was there.

  4. Just plain people watchin' can be lots of fun.

  5. Anonymous12:24 PM

    You think maybe the people you were getting a thrill out of watching may have been going for meds?

  6. I certainly hope so, if not, there must have been a killer sale on diet food.

    Gimme a break, you have never people watched?

  7. hey it might be a short bed but it's still got to be nice to be sleeping in your bed.

    good luck with it.

  8. I LOVE parking lot drama! DH introduced me to parking (hehe)when we first met. We used to work together contracting and would take lunch in some parking lot somewhere...watching the parking lot drama. We had some good times!

  9. A lawn chair and a six pack in a cooler at the public boat ramp in Port Aransas on a summer Saturday, now that's entertainment! The parade of stupidity is a sight to behold......

  10. We do the lawn chair/popcorn thing anywhere in town to watch the tourons try to drive in the snow. One of the roundabouts, especially our extra special double-whammy dual one, is usually good for a laugh or two as well.