Saturday, January 10, 2009

Single Digit Countdown.

Eight more days for these criminal motherfuckers to finish wreaking maximum damage on our United States of America.

I feel fortunate to have survived these fucking bastards so far.

Eight fucking years I have been pissed off and watched in horror the backwards decent into fascism that the Bush administration went all out to turn into official policy, now the end is in sight.

Reversing the cancer that has invaded this country is going to take decades but you cannot start to heal until you have eliminated the pathogens causing the entropy.

Ideally, I want to see Crimes Against Humanity prosecuted to the fullest, there is no question that some of the most heinous crimes have been committed, they have been admitted to on National Television with unmasked hubris.

The crisis of the economic meltdown that is currently roaring around the globe originated under the current regime and their response has been to steal every last nickle in circulation to give to the originators of this disaster and then go on fucking vacation until the term expires.

Oh yeah, someone needs to have a little time spent worrying whether or not they are going to be facing life in prison,, not where they are going to go retire in luxury for the rest of their life.

Keep in mind this economic crisis is about to get a shot of nitrous, a whole new round of adjustable rate mortgages are due to be readjusted and the commercial real estate bubble is still getting inflated as big as a Zeppelin.

Eight more days and I am going to look at this country in a whole new light, and it ain't Rose colored, either.


  1. Holy crap. It's been so bad for so long that eight days seems really short, eh? :)

  2. The repubs pass the harsh laws and then the dems come in and use them on everybody.


  3. And here we are, stuck in the middle again.

  4. Makes ya wonder what the future holds, if there is indeed a future!

    Glad to see this current reign of madness almost over!

  5. Yup, now we shift gears from fascism to socialism. What a fuckin' choice! Stop the train, I wanna get off.....

  6. piss on one hand and shit in the other...

  7. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Community Reinvestment Act is where this situation started.

  8. Anonymous5:50 AM

    This morning, I listened to a news commentator talking about taxing cow farts, and could not believe he could keep a straight face.

    WTF ? . . . my gosh, a new administration is certainly taking the helm . . .

  9. Stay informed so you will know which way to duck, and keep yer head down until you must expose yourself to shoot. Make every shot count.