Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obstructionists Let Their Votes Speak For Them

The Republican party just voted against the Obama plan for an economic stimulus plan En Masse.

Not one fucking Republican voted for it in The House vote.
As a matter of fact, several Democrats followed suit.

Here is the deal, assholes.
You are no longer the majority and the fucking thing passed without you.
Are you paying any attention here?

It Don't Matter What The Fuck You Like.

Ignorant fucking bastards.

The current bunch of Republican legislators makes me embarrassed to be a fucking American.

Let me put it to you this way, Your family is starving to death and they don't like macaroni and cheese so nobody is going to eat anything.

That's it. The most petulant, self centered,spoiled rotten and self serving bunch of Representatives in the history of this country.

This guy we have for a President would be well advised to start kicking these fuckers in the shrunken nutsack they have and tell them to Shut The Fuck Up and start looking out for their fucking constituents instead of trying to show the world that they all have access to the same phony "Obstructionism For Dummies" handbook.

You Republicans are going to get hunted down if the economy goes completely Tits Up and people start starving to death.
As it is, if I was you, I would look at what is already happening, the citizens of this country are already dying because they can't pay the fucking heat bill.


When more and more people keep dying by freezing to death, they still have relatives left behind and your fucking phone number and address are very much, public information.
If the party line is all that matters to you to prove a fucking point, look out.

Reagonomics has been proven to be as effective as the rhythm method.
Do the right thing and start looking out for the people you represent and tell Rush Limbaugh to take a vacation around some small towns with folks that don't quite have the pocket change he has.

Otherwise, remember this, the Dodo was fucking delicious with a bit of mustard sauce.

Seen one of those lately?


  1. So you WANT the "stimulus" theft plan? The only thing it's gonna stimulate on us is our assholes as we bet the buttfuckin' of a lifetime..... Wish those damn Repugnicans had a pair the first go 'round.....

  2. Duuuuuuuuude!

    Awesome rant :) :)

  3. Smoke and mirrors - while the GOP is bickering over the Stimulus Package, you don't see much noise being made about what's happening with TARP.
    Tarp is estimated to climb $2 to $4 trillion. The Stimulus is a drop in the bucket by comparison.