Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Former NSA analyst Russell Tice just dropped a bomb in the middle of Bushco on Keith Olbermanns show.

The fucking bastards listened to EVERY phone call, from EVERYONE, tapped into EVERY Email, EVERY Blog post, any kind of electronic communications and lied their fucking asses off about the whole thing, to their own people!

It is even worse than we imagined.

They targeted the media first.

You have to know the motherfuckers targeted the Democratic opposition especially.
How much do you want to bet they showed that to Reid and Pelosi to keep them docile?

That would explain some, but not all of their lack of vertebrae.

All that would have done to me would have been to piss me off to the point of end game, do or die .

The Bush administration first told the NSA operators that they wanted to identify certain groups so that they could be eliminated from further scrutiny, only to find out later that this was untrue and were actually making a list for targets.

This is only the first story to come out and you can bet your fucking ass there is going to be a line a mile long with people who's faces have turned purple trying to hold their tongue until Bush and Cheney were out the fucking door!

Hold on, this is going to piss EVERYONE off!

It is every fucking bit as bad as we were screaming about and undoubtedly worse than we could ever imagine.

Stick around boys, we will be wanting to talk to you in depth, shortly.

See for yourselves;


  1. I agree! This shit's going to be oozing out of the walls for YEARS AND YEARS to come. I will bet dollars to dougnuts that they have mined our fucking social security and credit card numbers and sold em too!


  3. 'All that would have done to me would have been to piss me off to the point of end game, do or die.'

    Of course, but then if you were a politician they would have smilingly handed you two bags...One with some evidence, and the other with some money. The evidence would be some career blaster good for a one way trip to Palookaville and a stellar career in the door-to-door dry goods trade, and the money would be just enough to make the pain of being owned go away for a little while.

    That's how the game is played.

  4. I'm going to have to go write emails to Suz about how the Enn Ess Aaa wants to know what color panties I wore today.
    Were they blue, were they red, were they edible, did they shred?

  5. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Marcy has more over at Da Lake . . . . despite the fact that Tice COULD be portrayed as a loon, this is gaining cred really fast . . . . . and MAY open the floodgates, IMHO.

    It's A Brand New Dawn, People.


  6. You silly rabbit. You didn't know this was going on? I knew it the moment the Shrub signed the Unpartiot Act into law. Even former employees admitted to listening to stuff that had nothing to do with national security.
    Now the real problem is to get them to destroy all the files they have and start over because all that "evidence" is worthless.
    So I say the hell with reaching across the isle and the next election it's time to kick the remaining unamerican rethuglican bastards out.

  7. Can't say i'm the least bit fucking surprised about this. Assume the worst.

  8. Anonymous11:20 AM

    What shinerbock said.

  9. excellent post

    it will just get worse and worse till they have us tied up in all sorts of shit

    my country has been sliding in all sorts of big brother crap for years

    ie we have more cctv than any country in Europe and it goes on

    it is why i have chosen to be mobile so the buggers can't keep track of us

    all the best my friend

    thanks for popping by my wee blog

    the dafthermit

  10. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Can you tell me just exactly when the information was brought before the public? Much of what I listened to in a few of these videos I have known for many years. 40 years ago I was told by the telephone man who came to fix my phone service "Never say anything on the phone that you don't want known! Every conversation is listened in on. Now mind this was 40 yr. ago. I have known about the intrusion of our phone usage, internet usage since 1999. There is a huge building complex somewhere in Briton(run by the US military) where hundreds upon hundreds of peoples' (your everyday citizens) job is only to listen in/spy on every communication device available to us (us being worldwide). I've forgotten how I found this information now but I certainly took it for the truth. As for our past prez and his tactics, yeah its all the truth. That's why I became very careful about what I talked about on the phone. I also remembered being told just a couple of years ago that if just three people were talking together about the sh-- going on with our government that we were considered terrorists. This came from my brother who is a humble true moral person. All I can feel about the situation is that its a crock for I think we all have the right of FREE speech, whether Bush and company liked it or not. And never fear, his and co. will be getting their comeuppance. Know this. You are going to be amazed at what all is going to be exposed to the light in days to come. Have much hope. I do and I have no FEAR about anything anymore. Haven't for a long time. Panic, fear, anger, hostility, all these things only breed more of the same and sickness too. An ulcer which can lead >to cancer surely ain't worth is all. Putting your blog in my Favorites list.

  11. This doesn't surprise me one bit. Not after what I went through in 2003.