Monday, January 19, 2009

Darth Cheney Needs To Be Interrogated Immediately

It seems he just found out what being debilitated feels like, he strained his back trying to haul boxes out at the last minute in his getaway move.
Now he needs a wheelchair to watch the new President get sworn in.

Karma? Is that you?

I hope it hurts like a motherfucker.

After having lived with major low back pain for twenty five years, all I can say , it would probably not feel good if he happened to accidentally make a wrong turn at the top of a long set of stairs in that fucking wheel chair.


At the very least, it seems the fucking bastard ain't walking away from the disaster he worked so hard at to leave the rest of us.


  1. Anonymous10:42 PM

    I don't want you to miss this, so I'm doubling up. See yer ass at 9ish. Maybe that slacker Rehctaw will join us. *G*

    Yo Busted. 9am. Left Coast Time.

    I got Bushmills, cubed ice, and a rocks glass that's gonna get three fingers full.

    And then, I'm gonna sip the day away, till that bottle's dry, in honor of this historic occasion.

    And Wednesday, wake up and start the fuckin work all over again to make sure we don't get another 8 like the last 8.

    If yer in, I'll nod north at 9, after I nod Eest. If yer not in, yer a wuss or yer working.

    And frankly, work is NO excuse not to have a boot flask full ready for a quick visit to the men's room (or women's room) at 9am.

    This is fuckin history people, it won't come again.

    This is bigger than FDR, bigger than 12/7/41.

    This is bigger than most anything since the Federalist Papers and the signing of the Declaration and the signing of the Constitution.

    This is it, we make this work or we're all fucked for oru lifetimes, who knows, maybe fucked for the planet's sake if it goes to hell and nukes lob.

    You'd all BEST be with me giving our supplication to the moment. 9am, ya raht bastids. Be there.

    'Kin Harumph.

    Slainte Mthah.

  2. You guys getting a new President?

    Oh, cool - I heard that last one was a bit of a dink.


  3. as of now --- 6 hours 41 minutes
    and cheney is NOW peter sellers in dr. strangelove (wheelchair and all)

  4. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Hey Busted,
    Just checkin in.

    Happy "We Finally Got A New Fucking President Day".


  5. I'm wit ya Larue. Cuz I'm a closet wuzz and a skeptical, cynical, obstinate, distrustful bastid, I won't be taking more than a small, smattering, snort of the Bush-mills. It's better than he deserves. With the obligatory splash on the ground to all those KILLED by this most incompetent buffoon and his parasitic ilk.

    I'll be concentrating on the Old Fitz chasers.

    There's work to be done. Justice to be restored. Not to mention a foundation in need of overdue stabilization. My sword or my pen. Terrible swift.

    For the sake of our country. For the sake of my children's and grandchildren's country. The final words of this sad chapter WILL NOT BE "And he got away with it.".

  6. For the sake of our country. For the sake of my children's and grandchildren's country. The final words of this sad chapter WILL NOT BE "And he got away with it.".

    Well said Rehctaw! Well said! We can never rest until JUSTICE is served!

  7. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Mornin folks, it's close! *G*

    Rehctaw, thanks for reminding me of the splash on the ground!!

    Busted, if yer around or not, here's to ya hoss. *G*

  8. Cheney hurt his back haulin all that Haliburton bribe money.

    Hoist one for me Busted and all.

  9. Anonymous9:05 AM

    High Noon In America, people.

    It's A New Dawn.

    Slainthe Mhath.

  10. ONE finger of Bushmills. Two times.
    Warms the soul.

    The Old Fitz chasers are harsh, burning and tinged with anger.

    "To Hell with the thief"!

    Will be lost soon in the Fitz glow of the Shrublings. The old cranks at the bar really liked my game.

    by round 4 they were ready to waylay the varmits trying to slink outta town.

    Peace 2 ya and on ya.

  11. A commenter at Drifty's place nailed it.

    Valdemort was in the wheel chair because he couldn't STAND giving up his powers. Literally!