Saturday, February 09, 2008

If It's Saturday, It Must Be Caturday

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Yes, I'm a cat guy, so it tickles me no end to introduce another B.A.D. compatriot,The PolitcalCat.Check out that inviting pic!
Don't get me wrong, I've had a lot of dogs in my day, but sadly, they all had this same learning disability in common, they wouldn't stop trying to read hubcaps.
That's not so bad in itself, except they had to do it while the hubcaps were still attached to speeding vehicles, and, well, I thought I tried everything but 9 out of 10 got hit by a car and died.
I gave up.
Stupid fuckers anyway.
Cats on the other hand, can be highly entertaining if you know how to work 'em right.
I won't go into details, just remember the name of the Blog, 'K?
I have had a few cats get the Road Pizza treatment too, it always breaks my heart, but I always get a new cat too.
I like to name them interesting names. Looking back on some of my favorites,
I had a black one I named Bitch, Then came Shithead, she was a good cat, then Fuckhead, HE was an ornery motherfucker, he would come home with his skull showing and all of the hide chewed off his forehead.
Expensive sonofabitch, I never did find out what he was tangling with, Possum, probably a Raccoon, He finally wandered off down the street, I used to see him once in a while.
Then came CockBite.
That one had fur like a rabbit.Wound up Coyote bait. All I found was a big wad of white fur and a giant cat turd in the middle.
Now I have a cute little female, long black hair with a splash of white, a streak goes up one side of her face and she has one black and one pink nostril, funny.
I broke my long tradition and named this one Baby.When I got her, she could sleep in the palm of my hand.

She's a pretty good cat, I just had her fixed so I guess I plan on keeping her.

They all to a one loved me to pieces,every damn one of 'em follow me around like a dog.
Sometime I'll have to tell some of the funny stories I have about my cats, like the time Shithead and a pigeon that adopted me had a toe to toe boxing match in the corner of my front room. I thought I was gonna die laughing.
That bird whupped that cats ass, there was fur everywhere!

Speaking of varmints, my cat has been clawing the shit out of my moms furniture while I am house sitting, a killin' offense in my Moms eyes.
I got called in to work this afternoon for a bit and as I'm driving down the street I see about ten brand new cat condo's with scratching posts lined up on the sidewalk.
Mama Mia them things are expensive! A hundred and fifty bucks they wanted for some of them!
Shit, I just paid TWO HUNDRED getting the varmint spayed!
I opted for the economy model and it still cost me seventy.
Cheap if the fucker actually uses it, compared to buying Ma new furniture, from an undisclosed location.

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  1. Keep yer head down, pal. Mom's gonna have yer ass! Heh ...