Monday, February 18, 2008

It's Good to Be King

Talk about living in a bubble of delusion;

Bush Dismisses Iraq Recession: The War Has ‘Nothing To Do With The Economy’ »

This morning on NBC’s Today Show, President Bush denied that the there’s any link between the faltering U.S. economy and $10 billion a month being spent on the Iraq war. In fact, according to Bush, the war is actually helping the economy:

CURRY: You don’t agree with that? It has nothing do with the economy, the war — spending on the war?

BUSH: I don’t think so. I think actually the spending in the war might help with jobs…because we’re buying equipment, and people are working. I think this economy is down because we built too many houses and the economy’s adjusting.

H/T Think Progress W/ video if you can stand it anymore, I can't.

Yep, everything is peachy keen cause I'm gettin' my war on and peoples is workin' ta make da bullets. EVAHBODY is workin' ta make da bullets, heh, and folks is BUYIN' da bullets too, heh, heh, heh.

Yep, his contractor buddies are rakin' it in while the rest of us watch as billions and billions of dollars get poured into a sand filled rat hole.

And the part about too many houses got built?
There's a knee slapper.His finance buddies went apeshit ripping people off until it got to the point where all of a sudden investors in Europe and Asia started getting stuck in the ass when all the fucking bad loans started defaulting and the greed started fucking with profits overseas and by golly, somebody better do something.
Yep, everything is hunky dory so get out there and spend yer way out of recession.
Nevermind that greasy greenback in yer hand ain't worth near what it was seven years ago, we got lots'a ink.


  1. I think this economy is down because we built too many houses and the economy’s adjusting.

    Yes, as any economist will tell you, a glut in any market will always cause prices to rise to absurd levels. Any economist, that is, who earned his degree at Oral Roberts U. and then got a job in the Bush Administration.

    Sigh. These guys can't even handle the "soft" sciences.

  2. Anonymous3:09 PM

    You fucking bastard! Now that I read your post, I'm feeling ornery! Aargghh!

  3. and of course no one calls him on this - because as you said it is good to be king!

    this iraq war is destroying not only all of iraq but the american economy -- and an economist with a half a brain (which of course bush doesnt have) will tellyou that

    and the "stimulus" -- a friggin bribe to shut the stoopid americans up for a few months

  4. wtf does he care? his grandbrats will have land and water in Paraguay