Tuesday, February 26, 2008

There Are Some Nice Folks Out There

I have to admit, I tried to blow this off, I don't really consider my efforts here to be that noteworthy.
Apparently this isn't going away so I will take a moment here to thank some people for even considering me in the same breath with some awesome Blogs out there.
First it was One Fly. He is a hell of a good guy and you should recommend his site to everyone.
Then our esteemed professor, PhysioProf tagged me, another good guy, smart too.
The tipping point came this morning when I got tagged a third time.You guys are gonna make me blush here.
Just An Earth Bound Misfit got me before the sun came up over here on the Left Coast.
Shit, there goes three of the ones I was going to tag!
I humbly Thank You all for even considering me.

Part of the deal is to tag TEN other blogs who you consider to be above and beyond.
This is going to be tough because there are dozens that I surf fairly regularly, even if I don't leave comments.

First one on the hit list is the best fucking Blog out there in my opinion.
The guy doesn't even hardly acknowledge awards, even the highest award out there, the AU PEER award, given by the top Bloggers themselves.
Too bad Drifty, suck it up dude, yer numero uno on my list.

The hard part here is trying to avoid repetition, I'll see if I can't come up with some lesser known yet high quality sites.

Chuck at The Divided States of Bu$hmerika2 has been out of the loop since November, a whole bunch of us have been panicking because he just disappeared without a trace.Come to find out he has good reason. Go give the guy some love and if you have a few HOURS to kill, check out his archives until he can get back in the saddle.That is a very good site.

Next on my list is a a place you don't want to be under the watchful eye of, FOLO has been keeping Mr. Dickie Scruggs , and Trent Lott, his brother in law and a whole HOST of shady characters under a microscope for some time now.They have been following an influence peddling trial and like kicking an ant's nest a bunch of subsequent charges and related trials.

The Culture Ghost
is keeping it real and letting us all know that there is more to life than just politics, that and the political system we currently have now sucks ass.My hat is off to ya dude. Stay just the way you are.

Enigma4Ever at Watergate Summer reminds us that we all have feelings and that we need to keep in mind that we are all in this together. She is a sweetie.

An old friend in Blogistan is Cujo359 at Slobber and Spittle. I love some of the interesting things he comes up with and he is another sharp cookie.Hell of a nice guy too.

This list could not be considered complete without a big shout out to a very special lady, Suzanne.
She has the best taste in tunes AND toons!
The shit she pulls out of her bag of tricks never fails to amaze me.
The lady has it goin' on, BIG SMOOCHIES and hugs to ya honey.

This next one I kick myself in the ass for not having been front and center of my attention long ago.
Sometimes you run into somebody that just cracks ya up because they say the same thing you are thinking in a way you only wish you could have come up with.
Jill at Brilliant At Breakfast is just hilarious sometimes.Dangerous things come in small packages.

I stumbled into his joint one day long ago,just surfing around someone else's Blogroll, I couldn't begin to tell you who's it was but don't ever let anyone tell you Blogrolls are a waste of time and space.The name caught my attention and the snark reeled me in.Bildunblog, it just kind of rolls off the tongue and you will roll with laughter.

I only have room for one more, if you didn't get on this time around it is only because of limited space, like I said, there are just sooo many great blogs out there.

Number ten on my list is the one who makes you think nasty things when you see his name until you find out it is really named after the hardest knot in the world to tie.Monkeyfister is the shit.
Not only has he come up with his very own very much sought after awards, he is truly a stand up guy.When the tornado's ripped through the Mid Southwest recently, he ran himself into exhaustion organizing relief and raiding his own pantry and loading up his truck to deliver much needed supplies.He sounded a cry for help that literally hundreds of Blogs, including this one, picked up and relayed across the country to get the ball rolling while the government sat on it's thumb as usual.
Thats the kind of guy I am proud to call a fellow American.
Like he said, politics takes a back seat when fellow Americans are in need.
Nobody gives a fuck who you voted for when your house just got blown away with everything you own inside it.

Once again , my humble thanks for considering me to be worthy of being in some rare company.



  1. Yeah I almost put Drifty on my list, too but didn't for the reason you mention. Nice roundup, my friend.

  2. Thanks for the props. And thanks for posting these blogs...there are many of them I've never seen. I'll be sure to check 'em out!

  3. what a nice roundup...wow....thank you...and such wonderful blogs....I lurk here often...but sometimes I just have nothing to say....I love your blog cuz you tell it like it is.....

  4. wow, thanks and smooches to ya busted. fork, now i gotta share the forker err love


  5. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Wow, I thought I was all the shit being Double Fucking Excellent. You're Triple Fucking Excellent!

  6. Anonymous3:05 PM

    You're a wonderful, wonderful man, my Brother!

    I'd type faster, but, I've got this wet stuff in my eyes.

    Thank you.

    Time to hit somemore good folks!


  7. I get back on the Tubez and what do I find? Thanks, Bustednuckles. Now I have to find even more good blogs.

    Meanwhile, it looks like you've got some Korean spam in your comments. Might want to make use of that trash can symbol.