Sunday, February 03, 2008

Thank You

I was away from the house most of the day today and it really frosts my nuts too.
I had planned on a massive frontal assault on the Blogosphere (y!, sctp)
to really get this blog in front of as many faces as possible.
As it is, I am just overwhelmed by the positive response.
Today blew the previous record for one day visits completely out of the water, I was stunned to check my stats a minute ago!
Because I was not able to be here, all of the Blogs that I added yesterday did not get up on my front page, either, like I had also planned.
I am truly sorry for that.

So, I will see about getting one or two up on the front page like I have been doing once in a while to keep refreshing peoples memories.

It is the least I can do .

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who stopped by, added me to their Blogroll, put me on their front page or, decided it was a waste of their fucking time and plan on telling everyone they meet how bad this place sucks.
I thank you all.

One other thing....


I feel so much better now.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4:25 AM

    My blogroll amnesty day plans were like yours, and busted like yours.

    I spent all day yesterday recovering stuff from storage, only to discover that mice had destroyed much of the best stuff. On Saturday I replaced the drier/accumulator on my old van, only to find that the battery was kaput when I tried to take it for a test drive. Put in a new battery, but the damn thing won't start anyway. I think antifreeze must have spoiled a connection when the accumlator failed.

    Anyway, I added you to my blogroll and would appreciate your reciprocating.