Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Constitution Was Not There!

Had a conversation with a good friend today about his trip to DC. this week. Well kiddies our Constitution was not available for view. How are these decrepit bastards violating it this time? This poor thing has been screwed way too hard far too many times. It was probably there but just how do you know for sure. They're screwing it or planning a new way I'll bet money. They fuck everything in their path and will never be satisfied. Hope Jeff Gannon doesn't show up on special assignment.

Jesus Christ!

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  1. They have to take special care of those documents. Oddly, being written on parchment makes them less durable than if they were written on high quality paper. I read somewhere that they also try to keep the Constitution out of the light as much as possible, to prevent fading.

    I guess there's a little symbolism in that, huh?

  2. of course. just had to be a smart ass.

  3. unfortunately when you use the Constitution as toilet paper (as our fearless Chimp in charge has done), it doesnt look pretty in public and needs to be scrubbed and disinfected with the hope it can be recovered