Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We Got Yer Family Values, Right Here

The next time I hear that term come out of some assholes mouth they had better be way the Hell outta kickin' distance.

Republicans block Senate plan to boost economy

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senate Republicans on Wednesday narrowly blocked a Democratic-backed economic stimulus plan valued at about $157 billion that would have provided benefits for the long-term unemployed and expanded proposed tax rebates to include retirees and disabled veterans.


I want every motherfucker in America to remember this;


Another catch phrase the Republicans love to trot out on a regular basis--- Bi-Partisanship-- is just as likely to get someone a knot on their head as trying to mug my 94 year old Granny.
Be very careful how you talk around me anymore.
I AM DONE with you motherfuckers, DONE.
The lying son of a bitch in the Oval Office, who signed off on torture and then lied, on camera, on the record, to the American public, was the last motherfuckin' straw for me.

If you can tell me that you still support the Republican Party after the thousands of fucking ways they have ass fucked this country, you and me, then you are a fucking sociopath,best treated the way that the criminally insane have been treated in this country for years and years, locked up and kept away from society.

Mention to me that you are a Republican and you are going to get the Rant In Your Face Till You Run Away treatment. I mean public spectacle shit.
I am going to embarrass you until you want to dig a hole and hide.
You still support professional unrepentant, criminals.

City killers,baby killers, hell, NATION KILLERS!
You let the NeoCons and the Religious Right marry together under the auspices of the Terrorist In Chief and rape, pillage and burn whole countries.
The whole time screaming at the top of your lungs on every fucking news channel Rupert Murdoch owns that I was a traitor for trying to stop you.

No More.

Here is a bottle of hot sauce, go finish eating your own now that you can't agree on who is the biggest Jesus Freak ,Get Yer War On And Have A Few Billion Corporate America Mother Fucker amongst ya.

Get the fuck outta my sight and don't come back.