Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bush Ignores The Fourth Amendment

This guy is like a broken record.
What part of getting a warrant before a wiretap or search doesn't he fucking get?
The fucking law is not ambiguous, it is not some kind of suggestion, IT IS THE LAW OF THE LAND AND HE BROKE THAT LAW!
Ignorant. Fucking. Bastard!!
Let's look at what he said, again, today, shall we?
From the LA Times article;

President Bush today urged Congress to pass legislation that would give telecom companies immunity from class-action lawsuits for cooperating with U.S. intelligence services in monitoring terrorist communications.

"Allowing these lawsuits to proceed would be unfair," Bush said at a White House news conference. "If any of these companies helped us, they did so after being told by our country their assistance was legal."

Right. Fucking. There.
They might have been wishfully thinking it was legal but they knew damn good and well it wasn't.

Under FISA, it is perfectly legal for the government to wiretap a phone, with reasonable suspicion, if it is part of a criminal investigation without a warrant. Perfectly legal under existing FISA law.

Here is the part they absofuckinglutely refuse to acknowledge, They MUST apply for a warrant to CONTINUE that wiretap after 72 hours within starting it.Otherwise, they must discontinue that wiretap and destroy any record of the conversations.
This has been the law for over twenty five years.

But no, that wasn't good enough for these fucking traitors.
Then some pussy mother fucker who was wetting the bed at night worrying whether or not some imaginary terrorist in plaid pajamas was going to sneak into their bedroom in BumFuck Hoboken or some fucking place and slit their throat while they slept decided that we needed the Protect Sleeping Americans From Plaid Pajama Wearing Throat Slitters Amendment or what the fuck ever they called it and someone with ties to the telecoms got together while they changed the sheets on their bunkbeds and figured out that they had the technology to tap EVERYTHING.Not just yer telephone, oh fuck no, EVERYTHING.
Yer cell phone conversations were already being intercepted and monitored by the NSA from their satellites.
No, now they could tap directly into the cables that contained every Email, Instant Message, BLOG POST, Google search, telephone calls to yer Aunt Minnie listening to her bitch about her hot flashes, everything.
Without a warrant, without any oversight, just because they could.
Just because THEY SAID it was legal.
I call Bullshit.
Now, the real reason Bush is throwing a Goddamn hissy fit over this, claiming that lawsuits against the telecoms for invading peoples privacy are unfair is just to cover HIS OWN ASS from having all the illegal bullshit they pulled getting this done in the first place drug out in the sunlight during the trials against the telecoms.
What really kills me is how fucking ignorant the sonofabitch is that he thinks people can't see this.
Helloooo? Stupie? You already admitted, on live broadcast television that what you did was illegal and you stamped your little boots and dared anyone to do something about it. I WATCHED it.
So, FUCK YOU, get ready for it, it's comin' yer way asshole, you asked for it, yer gonna get it.


  1. The FISA law is one of the best pieces of legislation ever passed that covered every contingency even now. But it has been fucked to death like so many others. Great post Busted once again telling it like it is.

  2. Nice job here, Brother. Have o blogroll ya.


  3. Feel better after coughing up that hairball? I didn't think so. Me neither. Except that you said it better than I could.

    Sorry to see you're getting the same Chinese (?) spam comments that I get.

  4. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I think you should automatically re-rout anonymous comments to the national republican site.