Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Smashing Success!

What a great idea. Skippy and Jon Swift deserve a meal and a show for selflessly promoting this all weekend, actually throughout the whole year!
I Liken this Blogroll Amnesty Day to a big party with scads of people you have never met, all of them on the same side you are.

You go around meeting all these cool people and exchange business cards and pictures of your kids and make plans to meet up and party again.

How cool is that?

There are so may blogs out there that I got to go visit yesterday.

And the names!
We are a creative bunch, I gotta say.
I ran into one, I have to share this, and I'm sitting there thinking, this is a strange name, so I Googled it. When I read what it meant Mountain Dew went every where! Priceless.

I had to add that one to my Blogroll instantly.

Curious are ya?
Go see my new Buds over at Pygalgia. NO CHEATING! Go over there and THEN Google it.

I am in again today, same policy.
Drop me a note in the comments or Email me and I will put you on the Blogroll post haste, I only ask that you reciprocate.

There is a lot of talent out there, lets go find it!

I see I have a fun little job to do, there is water running out from under the kitchen sink onto the floor.
YAY! I couldn't think of anything I would rather do on Super Bowl Sunday.
So if it takes a little while for me to respond , now you know why.


  1. No No No, YOUR blog title is better!

    Lots of love and I'll be back soon :)

  2. Hey, thanks. Your on the 'roll.