Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Couple Of Future Republicans.

When I read this I just about came unglued with anger.
All I can say, without getting hammered by the pussies who think spanking yer kid is criminal, is that this what you get when you do not firmly instill the difference between right and wrong in your children at a young age, whatever it takes to get the message across.

These two would currently be getting size ten logging boots surgically removed from their asses if I was their old man.

Teens Unremorseful After Stealing From Girl Scout

Police: Charges Could Be Pending

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -- The State Attorney's Office will decide whether to charge two teens who admit they robbed a 9-year-old Girl Scout selling cookies outside of a Boynton Beach supermarket.


Authorities said they caught up with the 17-year-old girl Thursday and pulled her out of class at Park Vista High School, where she allegedly confessed to the crime, WPBF reported. Investigators said the girl's female accomplice, another a Park Vista student, also confessed.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said that the case has been handed over to the State Attorney's Office to determine if charges will be filed against the teens.

Smith's mother, Charlene Rubenstrunk, told WPBF that the girls returned to the store Thursday to taunt her daughter.

"They are within 10 feet of the same kid they just robbed last night and there is nothing anybody can do about it. I find that offensive," Rubenstrunk said.

The girls, whose names are not being released because they are minors, told WPBF that they were not remorseful for the crime, and that they did it because they "needed money."

"We went through all that effort to get it, we got all these charges and we had to give the money back. I'm kind of pissed," one of the girls told WPBF.

The other girl told WPBF that she was upset because police found them.

"I'm not sorry, I'm just pissed that I got caught," the girl said.


These two are Seriously. Fucked. Up. .

The parents of these two little young ladies are about to get a late lesson in child development techniques courtesy of the state.

Personally, I would like to see them both prosecuted to the full extent of the law, with prejudice, and done so as adults.
They knew what the fuck they were doing and the only thing they are sorry about is that they got caught.

I am providing a link so you can go see the picture of these two little darlings.

The word repentant does not resonate from the picture, either.

Being a parent these days is hard enough but there is no fucking excuse for allowing this kind of behavior to even begin to manifest itself in your children.
It is the parents here, who could also use a size ten logging boot in the ass.

Don't bother giving me shit about my attitude, I raised two kids. They both know right from wrong, they are both wonderful, caring young adults and have been in only minor trouble, which is normal, and have learned from their mistakes, as any other normal kids do.

UPDATE, Just fer fun there is a survey under the picture that is currently running 97% in favor of prosecuting these two.

It ain't just me, apparently.

Original link courtesy of FARK.


  1. Here's a clue to a large part of the problem, busted:

    Police were unable to recover the stolen money, but a father of one of the teens accused in the crime paid the money back to Smith's mother, WPBF reported.

    Parents who come to the rescue and prevent their child from learning the hard way do more harm than good. They will now be expecting the courts to resolve the problem in 15 minutes they have created over the last 15 years.

    dayam (spitting)

  2. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Big Bertha and "Strap-On" Betty will have a field day with these two in the lock-up.

    "Prisoner-- Cell Block H" won't hold a candle to their final story.

    Stealing from a Girl Scout... I hope the Judge slaps them bald, and THEN throws the book at them.

    Yeesh. The nasty little wretches.