Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Evergreen State Gets A Lick And A Kiss

Obama and Clinton were working Washington state yesterday because today is Caucus day in the Evergreen State.

Maria Can'twell and past Governor Locke are backing Hillary while our current Governor Christine Gregoire is backing Obama, looking to his message of change to help propel him ahead.

Looking at the numbers the NYT is reporting, Obama had just about a 3 to 1 turnout ratio, 6,000 for Clinton and 17.000 for Obama.

Clinton is relying heavily on Robo calls, something I can attest to personally. I have already had to hang up on three in just two days, one from Can'twell, one from Ex Governor Locke and one this morning from Hillary herself on the pre recorded message.

Washington is not considered to be a key state in the Grand scheme of things but does have some influence in The Other Washington.
There are several military installations that are crucial to the defense of the West Coast here.


  1. I got a number of robocalls from Hillary before our primary.

    I hate robocalls. Calling me that way is a really good way of tipping my vote to the other candidate.

  2. Bad idea, The Earth Bound Misfit. At least in Connecticut during the last Senate race there, nuisance robocalls by Lieberman's folks pretending to be Lamont supporters were a big problem. They swung at least a few votes Lieberman's way, because no one ever lost votes by underestimating the intelligence of the voters.

    It's also true that many folks have remote controls nowadays, so they don't have to watch political ads if they don't want to.

    I find the calls annoying, too, but if they didn't work no one would bother using them. I'd rather get a few of those calls I didn't want than miss some important thing, like a referendum held in an off-year primary election, because I didn't remember when voting day was.

    To put it another way, if that's what you base your decision on, you've wasted your vote.