Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Scruggs Case Fan Club Has A New ClubHouse

My lovely Flowah over at Folo has upgraded her site and it is real nice.
I wanted to let everyone know so
you can update your Blogroll if you are so inclined.
She and her band of tenacious law aficionado's are eyeball deep in the Scruggs case, and about a half a dozen related, side cases.
They get out into the really tall weeds interpreting the law and the chesslike ins and outs of these cases.
In case you haven't heard of Dickie Scruggs, he is former Senator Trent Lott's brother in law and he is in a heap-O-trouble.
It's complicated so I am going to link to the Scruggs for Dummies piece that the good folks at Folo created just for people like me who haven't followed it real close.
You are about to see what tries to pass as business and is actually graft and corruption ALLEGEDLY committed by some world class egomaniacs.Bribing judges, scamming insurance claims from Hurricane Katrina, there is all KINDS of hinky going ons here.
There have already been some convictions in this matter so things are starting to get down to brass tacks.
Take a gander at the breakdown and it looks like a soap opera, no wonder some of these folks are hooked, it has some major players in it.
It also has the potential to blast a big hole in some sleazy circles.

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