Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Captain Obvious Salutes You, Comrade

Who'da thunk it, Junior wants to play with his new toy.

US spy satellite plan 'a cover'

Russia has accused the US of using a plan to shoot down a broken spy satellite as a cover for testing an anti-satellite weapon.


Officials say the satellite contains hazardous fuel which could kill humans.

But Russia's defence ministry said the US planned to test its "anti-missile defence (sic) system's capability to destroy other countries' satellites".

The US says the satellite lost power and communications shortly after it was launched in December 2006 and is now uncontrollable.

It says the satellite is carrying more than 1,000lb (454kg) of hydrazine fuel in a tank which would survive re-entry, and the substance could be released as a toxic gas if the satellite crash landed.

Article courtesy of BBC

It looks pretty self explanatory to me,they were going to let it burn up in the atmosphere and then all at once a lightbulb came on and someone in the missile defense bidness thought,'SAYyyy, wait a minute...".

This after the U.S. got bent out of shape with envy after the Chinese knocked one outta the sky last year, they have been itchin' to show their stuff ever since.

Captain Obvious loves the Bush administration.


  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    What I want to know is how those Russian intelligence analysts found this out! It must have been those traitors at AP and Reuters! I just know it!!

  2. While it probably won't create the mess that the Chinese ASAT test did, this thing still sounds pretty stupid to me. It has to create some space debris that won't burn up straight away.

    We live in an age when thinking is a political liability.