Sunday, February 17, 2008

Don't Even Go There

The Idiot in Chief and The Dark Lord both have tried to make weak plays at trying to gather support from making crass appearances at certain sporting events.
Chief among those that left a lasting nasty taste in my mouth was Bush flying in on Air Force 1 to the Daytona 500.
The moron wouldn't know the difference between a chrome muffler bearing and the spark plug gap on a diesel engine, but because neither one exists,it just emphasizes his ridiculous need to try and connect with the 'little people' and use the occasion to muster flagging support.

Do me a favor and go play on the freeway and leave us REAL PEOPLE alone to enjoy what is rightfully ours, the last thing we want to have to do on a family oriented day like today is deal with a drooling self important moron out of a feeling of hospitality.

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