Friday, February 01, 2008

Nail That Door Shut

Some asshole keeps leaving the door to Nader's political crypt open for him to flail about the countryside and enough is enough.
Dude, buy a fuckin' clue.
You are in no position to do bupkiss this time around .
You are not in any way, shape or form going to make a damn bit of difference in this election so go back to where ya came from and regale yer stupid assed supporters of yer past glory of takin' on the Automotive Industry back in, what, the Fucking Sixties?

Nader supporters are the Dem's version of the crazy bastards on the fringe of the Republican party.
Shut The Fuck Up and get behind someone who can actually drive a stake in these barbaric sonsabitches so we can get back to fixing this damn mess.


  1. Does this apply to all third party efforts? Just curious.

  2. To answer yer question, no.
    I am of a firm belief that our two party system is beyond salvage.
    Nader is a special case.

    I would love to see a viable third party myself.
    That being said, the realist in me says work with what ya got right now, we HAVE to dethrone these bastards and drive them back to the stone age where they so desperately would like to live.