Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wearing The Spots Off The Fear Card

These fucking people have nothing left.
Cower under your beds in fear and we will protect you, by the way, we will just take those civil liberties you left next to that puddle of piss.

You do know, that your odds of getting hit by lightning look pretty fucking good compared to being offed by a terrorist in this country, don't you?

Not if you listen to the professional bed wetters in the Whitehouse.
From Think Progress;

Fratto’s FISA Fearmongering: In 3 Weeks, Terrorists ‘Can Be Free’ To Make Calls Without Surveillance

“We’re exactly three weeks away,” he said, “from the date when terrorists can be free to make phone calls without fear of being surveilled by U.S. intelligence agencies”.

Fratto’s contention is flat-out misleading. As CQ’s Keith Perine notes, “intelligence agents would not be instantly hobbled if the law were to expire Feb. 1.” In fact, surveillance authorizations would still “remain in effect until a year after they were issued”:

The existing law allows the National Intelligence director and the attorney general to authorize surveillance aimed at people outside the United States — even if they are communicating with people inside the country — for up to one year, subject to some conditions.

Even after Feb. 1, any such surveillance authorizations would remain in effect until a year after they were issued.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT), who favors denying retroactive immunity, says the White House is creating a “false choice” by claiming that “if you want to give all the power to the president, you’re in favor of America” and if not, you’re “in favor of the terrorists.”

There's that underlying Traitor theme again.
I am so fucking sick and tired of these bullshit games they are so fond of.
I hope to hell Dodd breaks one off in their asses.
This was bad lawmaking in the first place, it was so fucked up they can't even agree on extending it.
Let the son of a bitch expire , and while your waiting on that, get rid of that ridiculous fucking Patriot Act too.

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