Saturday, January 26, 2008

I See I Pissed Someone Off

It seems my blog now only exists out on the fringes when trying to get here from Google .
There is no direct link anymore.
HMmmm, must have been that little grenade of a Google Bomb I rolled at Doughy Pantload a little while back.
I knew damn good and well that Google doesn't like those when I did it, but I just couldn't resist.
Jonah Goldberg is a waste of skin,it is worth it.
He could choke on a donut tomorrow and I wouldn't miss a lick,'smatter of fact, I wouldn't even publicly acknowledge his demise.
That piece of shit book that he wrote is just a cry for attention as Mommy has more important duties shilling for BushCo.

No matter,things have a way with working themselves out, ,I don't have to look too far,I know where this fucking Blog is.

1 comment:

  1. i'm doing what i can to leave a cookie crumb trail to your blog, busted, but dayam, those fucking googlecrows keep eating the trail.