Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Get Out The Band Aids And The Mercurochrome

The Pukes are taking a beating just like I had hoped.
I think they have shit the bed, finally.
The vote share they are getting shows me that folks have finally had enough of the thieving, lying, issue baiting sonsabitches.I keep hearing that people that normally consider themselves Republican are voting Dem because they see that the Party has staggered so far to the right that they do not identify with it anymore and the Dems represent a more moderate choice.
Good.It's way past time to marginalize these freaks and drive them back under the rocks where they came from.

And for anyone fortunate enough not to remember Mercurochrome,thank your lucky stars. They finally outlawed that shit a while back. I remember it well, we used to call it Merthiolate. The reason I call for it to be used on the wounds being inflicted on the Pukes? It stings like a motherfucker!
That and the color it stains the skin, RED! Let the burn and the stain speak to their crimes.
The more they take a beating and the more they attack each other, the more I am liking it.
Bush and his merry band of profiteers and torture junkies are going down, stay gone assholes.


  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I not only remember Mercurochrome being dumped on every cut or abrasion me and my brothers had but if you so much as mentioned the words "belly-ache" you were immediatly given a heavy dose of castor oil. The good ole' days my ass.
    Flush that republican toilet it stinks!

  2. Don't worry about Repugs' wounds. They'll be cauterized in Hell. Tomorrow would be fine.

    A cod-liver oil and iodine cocktail would be suitable as well.