Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rice Quashes Dissenting Remarks On North Korea

Whoa Nelly, someone just found out you don't make the propaganda machine work overtime.
This administration has a strangle hold on the media and the media keeps asking for more.
If there were investigating journalists instead of official stenographers, the following story might not be squashed and buried so easily.
The secret sauce in the DC cocktail weenies must have some kind of heavy phsycotropic effects,either that, or a lot of journalists in this country are the ass kissing narcisstic Prima Donna's we think they are.

Bush administration scrubs transcript on North Korea.

Last week, Jay Lefkowitz, President Bush’s special envoy on North Korean human rights, told AEI that North Korea will probably still have nuclear weapons when the next president takes office. Yesterday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice “sharply rebuked” Lefkowitz for undermining the administration’s claims of success in the six-party talks. The official transcript of his comments on the State Department’s website has also disappeared, although they can still be found at AEI’s site here.

My bold.
Article originally at Think Progress

God forbid someone "Undermine The Administrations Claims Of Success"

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