Friday, January 11, 2008

Papers Please

Nice start PhysioProf.

I like your take on bipartisanship. Healing this country needs to start with cutting out the fetid rotting wound that is the Republican Party.

The so called party of states’ rights and limited government is pushing forward with the National Id database. The plan is take everyone's picture that even applies for a driver's and track us in a national database. The national id will be part of your driver's license so everyone can be easily tracked.,8599,1702559,00.html?cnn=yes

The fucking fear mongering scabs grab power at any opportunity without any thought to their own ideals. National Id to track our every move? … Gotta have it … National healthcare? God no, we’d only fuck it up.

What makes anyone think the political hacks put in charge of the FBI would do any better with national id’s? They’ll fuck us all over in a pathetic attempt to cover their asses.

The FBI has all they need to do the job. Remember Colleen Rowley the FBI whistleblower whose field office busted the first terrorist.,8599,249997,00.html

We're not really free if the government even has the power to fuck with you, even if you think it’s unlikely.

This makes me sing the blues.

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  1. They bee pushing this piece of authoritarian shit for years,. it's a wet dream they keep having.
    I want nothing to do with this kind os crap.
    Papers, please is exactly what this is.
    The one beauty is that the dumb bastards want it both way's, they want this national ID, want it bad but the conservative in them does a lesh check when it comes to paying for it.
    They want the states to foot the bill and the states can't afford it, they are already strapped.
    Back and forth it goes.
    Every couple of years they drag it back out in a new dress with the same tired, ugly knees poking out underneath.
    It's bad enough that they made it necessary to have a passport to go to Canada and Mexico, I'll be damned if I am going to use one to get into fucking Idaho.