Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Flowah!

In case you weren't aware, there is a very BIG trial going on down South that has some very serious allegations of bribing a judge, scamming insurance claims from Katrina and a whole host of nefarious activity that allegedly runs the spectrum all the way from Dickie Scruggs,Trent Lott's brother in law, to some senior Mississippi office holders, to even Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Fred Thompson.
This is an enormous web to unravel and it is going to be very interesting to see who and what shakes out in the end.
It's pretty complicated but my 'Ol Pal, Lotus, has got the skinny.

Of course you remember a certain skeevy politician named Trent Lott?
Yeah, that guy, his brother in law is eyeball deep in it and it is starting to appear our 'recently retired from Congress to become a lobbyist all of a sudden', Mr. Lott may have some 'esplainin' to do as to the timing and reasons for his sudden departure.

Ones that don't jibe with his version, anyway, are starting to come to light,such as his claiming that his brand spanking new lobbying partnership really hadn't been thought out that much at the time.

Such as this, from Think Progress,

Lott Contradicts Story About Leaving Senate To Lobby With Breaux: ‘Seemed Like It Was Time’

When former Mississippi senator Trent Lott announced last November that he was retiring from the Senate, he was asked if he had registered with the Senate Ethics Committee because of “a rule” requiring registration “if you’re negotiating with a future employer.” Lott said that he had “not” because he said he had not made any formal plans:

LOTT: Well, I have not yet, but I’m not really involved in negotiation. I’ve tried to stay away from that. There are some opportunities out there that I want to be able to consider, but I have nothing that we’ve agreed to or lined up.


Since the day Lott announced his resignation, he and Breaux have been denying that they had any “formal” plans to work together, claiming that they had only “joked about the prospect of working together.”

But their story has always been hard to believe. Six weeks before Lott announced his retirement, his son, Chet, “secured the rights to the domain name” Days after the announcement, Breaux resigned from lobbying powerhouse Patton Boggs.

Take my word for it, this is a tiny side note to the goings on that FOLO has been detailing out.
Another thing;
The commenter's at FOLO are as much as involved in tracking down legal documents and parsing the legal morass as the proprietor.
It is something else to see.

I only have a rudimentary idea of what is happening but Lotus and crew are busy distilling it down far enough that a rednecked mechanic like myself can follow it.
My hat is off to this bunch, there is a great big story brewing in all this and they know it, they are doing their best to make sure it gets lots of sunshine too.

Good on ya.

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  1. It just doesn't make sense that someone with as much political influence as Lott would suddenly up and "retire".