Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Backlash Has Begun

If you have followed the recent political kabuki that has been making my eyes water lately, you will keep hearing a theme being repeated over and over, Change.
Some of the current crop of politicians represent actual change, while most are just lip synching the Top 40 version.
I ran into not just one, but two very accurate opinion pieces that point out the bare bones of why change is needed, and they both are laser point accurate in pointing out that a lot of our problems currently stem from not only idealogical differences with conservatives and Republicans, but the very real cultural differences that have been in place since before this country even existed, in fact the reason this country DOES exist! The first piece , I ran into at two thirty in the morning and was so impressed I bookmarked it so I would remember it today. I found it at Last Left Turn Before Hooterville.
Alicia over there is pretty sharp and she found a piece by David Frum that ought to have some of these elitist sonsabitches
quaking in their high dollar boots.
The second piece is from someone I recently told you to keep an eye on because good things are going to start happening, boy howdy, was I right!
PhysioProf slams another line drive and hits on another angle of the same theme.

I am very glad to be one of the heartless bastards that helped convince him to open his own shop,( Read the post AND the comments.) although I am pretty sure This Giant Blogger Dude and This Very Persuasive Lady had much more to do with it than I did.

There are so many great thinkers on our side that the line up is getting top heavy.
More of this please.


  1. Hi, BN - thanks for the link! I'm putting you on my blogroll.

  2. Well Thank you Alicia, I have returned the nice gesture.
    You have a nice place over there, I'll try and wipe my feet next time I stop by.