Thursday, January 10, 2008

Missed It By That Much.

Apparently the local yacht club is no more. We had a fucking tornado go through here today and I missed it!Right down the street!
I heard a shitload of real loud thunder, and we lost power and the toobz at lunch time, then it POURED rain, hard , for a bit.
I guess thats when Dorothy and Toto came to visit.
I'll have to check the local news and update later.


Literally, right down the road, about one mile, to be exact.
I came home and caught the local bobble heads in a feeding frenzy over the first tornado around here in 30 years.
Funny,I don't remember that one, but I remember the one before that,I was about ten
This one first touched down in a lake just out of downtown and then skipped up the hill into another town, then skipped yet again further East.
It tore some shit up I'm here to tell ya!
Over 200 hundred trees down, one of them 50 inches in diameter! Thats a big tree.
Ripped several roofs off and threw some cars around. Miraculously, no one was hurt.
Here I was, eating lunch, listening to what I thought was just a real good thunder storm.
Right place at the right time I guess.

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