Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Skeletor Stuff s DHS With Career Cronies

First off, go buy some teef you goofy looking motherfucker.

Think Progress is reporting that Chertoff (Jerkoff, whatever)
has replaced a lot of political appointees at The Department of Nazi Names with THREE HUNDRED FIFTY career staff pukes.
He says he wants the transition into the next administration to go smoothly.

I say, he is pulling a Cheney and weaseling a bunch of moles into place .
That fucking department needs to be disbanded, not just renamed.
The Kool Aid colored reasoning behind it in the first place was that there was too much bureaucratic red tape and no communication between security apparatus elements.
Sooo, lets make one GIANT fucking ball of red tape and lump them all together.

Good idea, on paper.

Just off the top of my head we have the;
Coast Guard
Secret Service
The Parks Department and many, many others.
Oh, yeah, and Immigration.

A quick trip over to their propaganda site tells us more.
Then we have the State, and local branches, private sector,this must be where Blackwater is hidden away,and of course, THIS;

(Click to make sense)

Yeppers, it alllll makes sense now.
Can you say CLUSTERFUCK?
Sure ya can.
I don't think it would be the least bit difficult to hide 350, shit, 600 loyal apparatchki's in that fucking straw pile.

The problem is going to be rooting them back out.
It's emblematic of what is going to have to happen to THE WHOLE GOVERNMENT.

Whoever gets elected to be the next President is going to have to hire a team of bloodhounds to sniff out and eradicate all the loyal little Bushies that have burrowed into our system and made themselves nice, cozy little den's to replicate in.
It's going to be a long process and hopefully there will be a few criminal trials along the way just to remind us of the cesspool that our government has become.


  1. Yeah! What you said, you ornery bastard!

  2. Well presented Busted. Just don't think there will be any trials. I have no faith in these bastards until they actually accomplish something in that respect.

  3. Buzzman4:14 PM

    I noticed they created a civil liberties officer. Maybe Mr. Bill was appointed to that office.

    One way to eliminate red tape is to ignore the entire justice department and constitution and appoint your own crony.

    That ornery bastard doesn't miss a trick.

  4. I can't ever concentrate on what Chertoff is saying. I'm too busy wondering if he left his teeth in a glass on his bedside table.

  5. willis8:07 PM

    "Domestic Nuclear Detection Office Director"...I need me some of that gig! Great post! When we flooded here in Houston in `94 (6 feet deep in the living room), Fema was here the day after the water went down, before the Red Cross and any Insurance companies just to see if anyone needed anything. It was a real tragedy to see them lose their ability to do what they were good at doing. Cost lives and $$ in NOLA and Miss. Condi did get some shoes though....