Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tal's Take

My ornery ass cousin cracks me up. We usually talk politics and rant when we get together. The ornery grease monkey is a hell of a ranter. Pretty observant too and better versed than he lets on. It's just more fun to rant. We generally agree on our view of how this country is run so he's letting me rant too.

Judging by the results of the last two primaries we're not the only ones.

Edwards is ignored again in the Post. The major media basically ignored him after Iowa and did so again today after the debates. Totally ignored here today too

The lame ass, so called, journalists and corporations still want to pick our candidates too. Total control of the conversation. Screw them. Edwards is only one wanting to stick it to them. Let's keep him in the news.

I read a Wall Street Journal editorial on the crapper at work. I work in places where people read it. It's good to know your enemy. He's explaining that Edwards has a problem with those who create wealth and wants to redistribute it. I thought about this before wiping my ass with his lame argument.

Who creates wealth? The investor? The ceo who the investor hires to outsource labor or layoff works to increase profits then parachutes out with a nice severance? Are these risk takers making it possible for all of us?

I worked for a startup and saw this happen. Maybe though the creator of wealth is the guy who built the product in the first place, not the investor. And the people who excel at customer service to keep the customer happy. The managers and engineers who follow their passion to create a product and service that has value. The sales guys who builds relationships with your customers and partners.

All people the investor wants to pay a market wage in INDIA. This is who's represented in Washington and is what we're up against. In the spirit of knowing your enemy from time to time I'm going to check out a few of their favorites and compare their views to reality

Curiously, the Nation isn't in the list, The more I read the more I think Edwards has a point. We need to lean on the pendulum and start it swinging the other way.

Impeach Stupie. He'll think its cobbler.

Many think he's worse than Nixon. He hired the same fucks that ran Nixon's administration and they learned nothing.

Another example of his incompetence is the inflation devaluing the dollar and raising oil and gold prices. This doesn't affect the ultra rich and multi nationals 'cuz they can just move their money around. We get screwed.

The bitch is they all knew this back in '04.

It was reported in China and elsewhere but not in the US during an election year. Kerry and the democrats are incompetent too because they're not even talking about it now.

I guess it's better to screw the economy and pay Halliburton for 4 years than help the common man.

Batten the hatches everyone we're headed for a rerun of the '70's . I'm looking for energy independence. Self –reliant is only way to go. I'm not waiting for populist politicians to help out. That guy may not even get heard.

Let me know what you think.


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  1. Well done my man.
    I look forward to your take on the
    upcoming media circus and your economic prognostications are spot on.
    Nice job, right out of the gate!