Thursday, January 17, 2008

Scruggs Update

Folo is reporting an update to the Scruggs case that appears to me to cast the net a bit wider;

Documents allege Hinds judge e-mailed proposed order to Scruggs’ attorneys

By Jerry Mitchell • • January 17, 2008

Hinds County Circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter e-mailed a proposed order involving attorney Dickie Scruggs to one-time District Attorney Ed Peters, who in turn shared it with Scruggs’ lawyers, according to federal court documents.

Scruggs is facing a federal indictment in a separate case involving alleged judicial bribery.

Booneville lawyers Joey Langston and Timothy Balducci — who have both pleaded guilty to giving bribes — were representing Scruggs in 2006 in a Hinds County lawsuit in which one of Scruggs’ former law partners was seeking about $15 million in attorney fees he said he was owed.

“In at least one instance, Judge DeLaughter e-mailed a rough draft of an opinion he planned to enter to Peters so that Langston and Balducci would be able to see it before any final version was filed,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Dawson told U.S. District Judge Michael Mills.

Contacted for comment, DeLaughter would not comment. He previously has denied any wrongdoing, saying he never took a bribe.

Legal experts say a judge sharing such an opinion is contrary to ethical rules.


If you start taking a serious interest in this case, let me warn you;
You are going to need lot's of popcorn.
This is nepotism on steroids.
A real life, five star soap opera complete with lawyers, Congressmen,and ALLEGEDLY crooked politicians and judges.

Gotta throw that allegedly in there. you ought to see my sitemeter stats!
There have been more lawyers and courts flying through here today than you can shake a warrant at.
I just hope all this internet surfing time gets written down as billable hours for the defendants.


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