Monday, June 21, 2010

Counting My Toes

Any one else paying attention?
On one hand, we have that corporate cum bucket, no good diseased asshole Joe the fuck corporate cumguzzler Lieberman calling for an "Off" switch for the internet and in the mean time elsewhere, the Pentagon announces they are ramping up a brand new version of the information gathering program that was ruled to be out of fucking bounds, except now it is New and Improved. The only problem is, it takes the data base from Talon and improves on it.

You remember Talon, that is the one where the fucktards at DHS targeted peaceful Quakers as being Enemies Of The State.

They were shut down by court order, for being Fucktards. Shut your pie hole citizen.
It is back and it still has the same fucking data base.I can certainly understand why that infected pustule from Connecticut would want to have a kill switch for the internet, we have been after his lying, traitorous ass since he had to have every cock gobbling , dirty sonfabitch high dollar politician from both sides of the aisle come save his turkey necked ass from being tossed out of office in 2006 because he was a little dicksucker corporate whore even then.

2012 baby, you are fucking toast, I don't give a rat fuck if you have those cunts from DieBold calling you every twenty seconds.
Lieberman, you can go rat fuck us from the Private Sector, which I have no doubt you will and have been, you will no longer be in a position to Rat Fuck us from any position of power and FUCK YOU, ya little rat bastard, seriously.

So, we have that cretin Joe Lieberman wanting to have a "shut down" button for the internet, the fucking government wanting to shut down dissent and now they are back to data mining us plebien's looking for domestic terrorists.
Like I have time to make terrorist plans against my own government?
Assholes, I am too fucking busy giving all my hard earned wages to those cocksuckers on Wall Street!

Damn, I really hate that fucking guy.

Back to my original point, you have Smegma wanting to shut down the internet and the government trolling for domestic subversives, which they deny, while gleefully calling Google to get your records, and then we have President Hopey Changey sitting back and playing Golf while that fucking bastard from BP goes sailing on his yacht.
Do you have a yacht? I don't even have a golf ball, if I did, I would have shipped it overnight, UPS, to stick it in a big gusher. Not the broken oil well honies, in the guy's ass that let these criminal fucks get away with world wide murder. on the cheap.
So much for brilliant technology, idiots.

Where have I seen this before? It rhymes with the guy who shot a lawyer in the face.
Dick something.

The over reach to contain my first amendment rights to free speech come every day lately.
Fuck that, Fuck you, Fuck off.


  1. Nasty Girl12:12 AM

    He's baaaaaack! See baby, I told you that getting away from me would take you out of sweet mode and put you back into rant mode.

  2. You need another beatin'.


  3. Welcomed BACK BUSTED!! Great use of the "People's" English!!! And yes Liarman is pile O'Shit & a FUCKING Traitor of the good people of this country!!
    Glad yer back in form Busted... Keep up the great work!!

  4. Nasty Girl10:53 AM

    I'll take a beatin' from you any time baby. But you have to catch me first! Smooch.

  5. Anonymous3:41 PM

    OB, pal, this is "Da Sign". If fuckofficials will continue to push, it might be very well pre-mediation of some domestic "overnight" snatch of "good fellas", like me, u and rest of "concerned citizens.
    Shit cripped quite strangely with our Constitutionalist (FL) Dan Gonzales. Hes started out pretty straight and loud enough. Then shit happened and he is nowhere to be seen. Now, Ch. Christ, Da Governor (Fl) is leaving Reps (Why'ta'fuck such servant of elite is leaving????)
    Another fellow, Ornouz, Orbauz, or WhateverfuckingArbuz is his fucking last name could be, as a Head of Budget (if I am not mistaken, check with Yahoo) is leaving too.
    So rats are leaving the boat, huh?
    Are we up to something in here?

  6. Anonymous3:50 PM

    I just ordered "Ron Paul for President 2010" bumper sticker. I support most of his ideas. The only fucking shit is bad is that he is too fucking old now.

  7. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Shit, 2012 of course

  8. Anonymous4:10 PM

    For educational purposes, check this guy over here:

    He collects all of these traces of forgery in Amendments and Constitution. Sounds pretty straight guy to me.

    Also some US History here:

    Try to read and educate urself folks, before those fucks will shot down the Net.

  9. Anonymous5:36 PM

    The 1st Amendment is slowly being drained away by our own government (just like all of our other rights) and the "internet kill switch" they're getting ready to grant themselves will be the death blow to free speech.

    Governments prefer unarmed peasants and they see the free and open exchange of thoughts and ideas on a world-wide scale as a weapon more dangerous than any gun.

    Enjoy it while you can, boys and girls. Someday the ability to communicate on this thing we call the internet will be gone. And I have little doubt that the people of the future will never even be told that we once had it.

  10. Anonymous6:04 PM

    If anyone is interested in the "Pearl Harbor" history - read on:
    The author tells u how those sonsabitches hiding the truth from us. Fuck them all and fuck those cocksuckers (look at their last names) at "publishers review clan".

    What I could also recommend is when u found some interesting facts (in direct controversy with fuckos from CNN, FauX and the rest, locate the page that content the info, then go to the upper left, choose "File", scroll down and hit "Print".
    Then, when it comes to choose ur installed (or not) printer, choose "Adobe PDF". Its going to create a PDF doc out of the webpage. So u'll enjoy a "carbon" copy at personal disposal.

    Keep saving all ur "valuable" copies of such docs and do archive them via burning on CD/DVD's