Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Meet A Sheeple, One Census Worker

I got tired of the fucking threatening notes left on my door and finally called this chick, I will call her Tina, because the minute she opened her fucking mouth, I said, Oh God, it's another one.
They have been pestering me and now here it comes.
I apologized for calling at dinner time and she asked if she could call me back in a half hour.
I said, no problem, you are probably making dinner, and I quote, " we don't make dinner, we buy it".

These idiots are your fucking neighbors and sometimes they get off their dead asses and vote.

I am shaking my head because this brain dead little bitch has the full authority of the Federal Government to tell your landlord to open your front door so she can evaluate how many people live there.
This stupid fucking bitch can't even make dinner.
I have to stop now, I have to go make dinner and wait for this fucking Bimbo to call me back.
It makes me wonder what they had, Fruit Loops?

Jesus Fucking Christ, how much ya want to bet I have seen this dumb ass cutting me off on the way to get groceries so she could bring home a sack full of Happy Meals?
The best part?
We are paying her now.

Double fucking bonus round, my neighbor told her everything she needed to know to fill out the form.
Note to self, kick that mother fucker in the nuts the next time I see him, twice.

Another fucking dumb ass.