Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where The Fuck Is My Muse?

Bleh, I am pretty sure I have Blogger Burnout Syndrome, I just can't seem to get riled up about much of nuthin'.
As you can see, I haven't even posted since last Wednesday.
As a matter of fact, I am forcing myself to pound this out as I type.
What then hell, it happens to the best writers and I don't consider myself to be much of a writer, more of a psyco ranter but hey, it's symantics anyway.
It will come back, something will piss me off, these slumps don't normally last all that long.
Thanks fer stopping by and keep an eye out for something here shortly.



  1. Muse? Shit... Get ya a 12 pack and read the news. You'll be pecking out profanities in an hour or less....

  2. karen marie8:36 PM

    Well, why do you have to write about shit that pisses you off?

    Write about something that's going on that's making you glad to be alive or what you eat for breakfast.

    Do you hang your toilet paper so the loose end is to the front or the back, or don't you care?

    Come on, kid, we're counting on you!

  3. Karen Marie, thanks for stopping by honey.
    I'll be back and the roll is ALWAYS to the front.
    Why reach behind?

  4. It just ain't working for me Mayberry, even the whiskey.

    I just got done with a session with the Nasty Girl and I think I paralyzed her, she ain't moving.

    I'll get after the Blogging later.

  5. Tony Hayward going yachting while the gulf is being smothered in OIL doesn't piss ya off Busted?? what the fuck you MUST be sick or something☻☻
    Get up off yere dead ass Use the "People's English" nad tell where to go and where to shove it And just how far it must be shoved up there!!!

    Happy Father's day dood, hope ya have a great one... I know we will steaks are marinating for today's BBQ!!

  6. Well sometimes when the last bolt is turned and you've cleaned the grease from your hands ya just don't give a shit and that's okay.