Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby

Today is my Baby Girl's 19th Birthday, Happy Birthday Honey.

Yes, against my better judgement, I let her live.
Only because there is some dumb fucking bastard out there who needs to have his life ruined by another Daddies Girl.
Pay back is a bitch and I don't have a home phone, jack.


  1. happy birthday baby girl!

  2. Anonymous3:47 AM

    Happy Birthday Baby Bustedknuckles - hope your day is a good one, surrounded by good friends, good food and good music. Good wine - nope, thats two years away, legally anyway (not many people I know wait that long, lol), but they fly by.

  3. happy birthday baby girl!

  4. Nasty Girl10:45 AM

    Happy Birthday to a lovely young woman who I'm sure will make the right man very happy someday. I hope it was a wonderful day.