Friday, June 25, 2010

Prediction Time

Jesus that Dick Cheney giving me a yellow card?

Well, it's the weekend and you know what that means. Won't be long before OB will be posting something about needing a doctor after his weekend with Nasty Girl. Seriously, dude...STFU and change the name of the place to "Lucky Bastard" already.

In the meantime, since the boss ain't around I get to do whatever the fuck I want and you also know what THAT, This is a foot, this is a ball and this is the World Cup. I come before you tonight to annoy you with my predictions.

Landon Donovan before the game: "The US can beat anyone".

Landon Donovan after the game: "Umm...except for FIFuh...I mean Ghana".

Ghana is the last African team in the tournament and they'll be playing with the pride of a continent and the covert backing of FIFA. I expect another disallowed US goal that should have stood or a missed penalty call or some shit like that. The officiating at this thing has been absolute garbage and the US won't get any favors in this one.

Won't matter anyway. On this side of the bracket the winner of the Netherlands/Brazil game (that'll happen in the next round) goes to the final. End of story.

The other side of the bracket is a king-hell-bastard to call...Germany/England, Argentina/Mexico, Spain/Portugal...that's gonna be a slug-fest and by far the best games to watch. I can't remember a World Cup with so many heavyweights on one side of the knockout bracket. Spain has the best team in the world right now but Argentina have the best player in Lionel Messi. Portugal has Christiano Ronaldo, who can turn a game if he can stop diving long enough to care and England have Wayne Rooney, who can do the same if he can keep from getting pissed off and red-carded.

Hand me another beer, it starts gettin' good from now on.

I'm predicting a Brazil/Argentina final with Lionel Messi stepping up big and getting that Diego Maradona monkey off his back once and for all.



  1. Nasty Girl11:14 PM

    Sorry Spongebob. The Ornery Bastard isn't with me this weekend. He's home. The boss IS around so you CAN'T do whatever the fuck you want. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Ronaldo who? He hasn't been able to score unless the ball hits him in the back of the head.