Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Yer Pissing Me Off

Yeah, yeah, I know, no post for two whole days, what a jerk, eh?
I just don't have much to say right now, busy as hell at work,it's just me and the kid today and all hell has to break out, of course.
There is still millions of gallons of oil spurting into the Gulf and now Obama says he know who's ass to kick.
How about all of 'em, that would work for me, as a start.
Anyways, the collapse continues unabated and 90% of the sheeple are just really disappointed with the ending of 'Lost'.
A fucking television show.
Idiots, every fucking one of 'em. I don't even own a television.

I got into it with that asshole motherfucking neighbor about the fence line again last night, he is all butt hurt about my attitude towards him.


I went out to plant some shit in the garden and here is this nasty fucking tarp nailed to some rickety assed boards nailed from MY side of the goddamn fence.

Oh, fuck, no, you don't.
I cut that fucker down and tossed it over the fence, got out my portable skill saw, some nails and a hammer and put up new 2x4's that said asshole had broken while he was fucking around back there, pulled up the wire fencing he had trampled while he was at it, and nailed the fucker back together.
I told him in no uncertain terms to stay the fuck on his side of that goddamn fence or really bad things were going to start happening, real fast.
Fucking moron, what part of that do you not understand?

It is illegal to put up barbed wire in the little town I live in, otherwise I would have ten strands of electrified razor wire up.
Fucking asshole.