Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My God Given Rights Are Null And Void Unless I Ask For Them

How the fuck does that work?
I can't speak in public at a demonstration unless I am standing in the rain a half fucking mile from what I am trying to address? What the fuck is this Free Speech Zone shit?
Where I am standing or sitting, is my God given right to say my piece and FUCK YOU and your Godddamn Free Speech Zones.
Taze me and charge me with Bullshit charges after ya drag my narrow ass back to the squad car, which happens to be where I should be able to voice my opposite opinion to anything that anyone says. Fuck ya. Bust my fucking head.
Now I have to actually tell some aggressive law enforcement officer that I have the right to shut the fuck up?
What kind of completely fucked up thought process actually came out of the Supreme Court, again?!
Some asshole from BP just claimed the Fifth.
Hey, if I get pulled over and am being arrested, I have the right to shut the fuck up so as not to have anything I say used against me in a court of law, until the other day. Now, If I even have a face to face chat with the local SWAT team. I have to inform them, that I have the right to be silent, if they don't just blow the door off and blast me with a tactical twelve gauge out of fear for their own lives, while I am asleep.
My local police officer, I have to remember to tell the guy, I have the right to remain silent, except I don't, because now I actually have to speak up and tell some mother fucker, I have the right to remain silent.
There is some convoluted, fucked up, right wing Goddamn activist cunt fucking asshole bastard judges, reinterpreting an earlier decision, by their predecessors.Miranda is a fucking precedent and they just went through the back door trying to repeal it, again.
I have to remind a trained , professional cop, I have the right to remain silent, before I can remain silent.
Hi, officer, I want to shut the fuck up and not say anything to you.Is that OK?
Is that OK? Can you hear me now? What a load of horse shit that keeps coming out of our so called Supreme court.I hope that prick Scalia gets pulled over for running a stop sign and they don't recognize his fucking ass. That would be VERY entertaining.

I thought we settled this back in the fucking 70's, but no, while the whole fucking country is in flames, these fucking assholes keep trying to send us all back to 1830.