Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pay Attention To Kyrgyzstan.

Yeah, I can't spell it either but mark my word, it is coming here.
After their political coup a few months ago that brought rioting in the streets and their president to flee for his life, things have gone downhill and now there is complete anarchy.
The second largest city is being burned to the ground, insurgents are raiding armories for weapons and when they can't find those, are using metal pipes and anything else they can get their hands on and , Oh yeah, once again, the ethnic cleansing has begun.
Reports of women and children trying to flee the horror being gunned down have surfaced.
That tells me there are other atrocities being committed that haven't been reported yet.

Anyone over fifty should remember the fiery Watts riots in California and the riots after Rodney Kings beating at the hands of the police.
Think that shit can't happen here and I have a big bridge to sell ya.
We have just not seen that level of violence on a national scale.
My advice is to fucking get ready for just that.

Harden up your doors, get some food , water, ammo and band aids put away and quit watching the fucking idiots on Tee Vee for your news.

Bad shit is coming down the pike, a lot of people have been telling you that.
Greece just went nuts, so did Spain, now this. It is contagious and we are not immune.
The Gulf is dead and they are still playing fuckity fuck with the information they will allow you to have.
Get a FUCKING clue, they are lying to you.
They will not even allow a reporter to get near the gulf, even though the First amendment guarantees a free press.
They won't even allow anyone to fly over it to take a picture of this disaster.
Can you not fucking put two and two together?
It is out of control and is MASSIVE.

I predicted two months ago that when a hurricane hits that mess, it was going to be raining oil in Ohio, now the PTB are saying the same damn thing.
I ain't no genius but I can damn well tell ya when it starts raining oil, which it will, it is going to poison thousands of square miles of farm land and all the earth and people who live there too.

Wake the fuck up.

When that happens, TSHTF.