Sunday, July 18, 2010

Still Working At It

I pretty much let getting prepared go for a while, I had a buddy staying with me and he wasn't working  and both of my immediate neighbors aren't either.So I kinda used up a bunch of my food preps. He finally found a guy that needed his house taken care of for several months while he went commercial fishing in Alaska.
I have been in a financial hole for a while, shit happens and I am clawing my way back, I'm going to be OK for the forseeable future.
I did have one paycheck Friday that was pretty much free and clear after all these months and I took it and had a runaway with it at the local Bi Mart store.
I found an aluminum 32quart water bath canner that was only 7 bucks more than the traditional enameled one. Check. I got five more tomato cages to go over the plants my ex gave me too.
Got a case of beer and twenty pounds of cat food that was on sale at the check out for the same damn price as the ten pounder of the same brand I had.
Got the flea treatment for the fucking varmints while I was at it too.
They had Rice A Roni and those Cheezy Tater things on sale, 10 fer 10 bucks,bought thirty bucks worth of those damn things, the pantry is looking better all ready.
Four cases of canning jars and five extra boxes of lids, some pectin and a few canned goods.
A few other assorted things and walked out $191 and change lighter but I feel a whole lot better for it.
The garden is not going to do much this year, it was just too damned wet clear through June so I am going to wind up buying stuff to can but that's all right, I will.
The one thing I have to get, is one of those big propane burners from Harbor Freight so I can do that shit outside.

A sheet of plywood and the tail gate of my truck, two saw horses and I will be in business.

That reminds me, I need to dig out the dehydrator and put that sumbitch to work too.

Keep yer chin up and yer nose to the grindstone, it is going down hill at thirty two feet per second, per second*.

* The force of gravity.
Bet you didn't know I actually graduated two years of college with national honors and actually remember some of that useless info.Yep, I have an Associates Degree in Applied Science for Automotive Technology, Phi Theta Kappa, Who's Who in Junior College, 1991.

I'm still an Ornery Bastard, just edjumacated a little.


  1. Oh yeah, well well I drove a desoto.
    Just screwing with ya.

    Times suck, my son just graduated with a MFA from college. He now works for starbucks for about eight dollars and change. Yeah 60 thousand dollars shot to shit.

  2. hey busted -- maybe you should look having at a fall garden instead of a summer one

  3. I need to get back in preppin' gear if the bastards would leave me some change left over...

  4. Don't get all hifalutin with that edumacateration, now.


  5. I have been reading your life. And it all came together for me when you were able to restock stuff. Restocking provisions is the difference from preparing meals and fixing things to eating beetles and covering up with plastic tarps.
    Your enthusiasm shown in your buying experience, stocking up, really hit home with me. I remember getting a scattered check during hard times and 'restocking'!
    But most important about reading this shopping spree reminded me how I too just bought the most important things - and got giddy over sale items. (People like you and I are not into sale items - we are into fare pricing and see the provider get a ten or twenty percent markup to maintain expenses and provide a profit for growth.)
    This post brought a big smile for me.



  7. Hey at least you have a grindstone and a little cash flow and it looks like you'll make it through the winter. I have a degree and more certs than a deck of cards with no job prospects.

    Got a tribute to your famous rants at my blog.