Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let Me Introduce You To My Other Treasonous Set Of Friends.

 Actually, I can't call them friends, they have no idea I even exist and will be shocked to see where you came from if you actually click on the links below.
Warning, this is a long post and if you have a problem reading any thing that takes over ten minutes, go see your doctor.
I have deleted several instances of excessive vulgarity which is not my usual style in case anyone wants to link to this post.

The reason I call them treasonous friends is because we share the common belief that our government cares less than a whit about us as individuals and we have to take care of our selves and loved ones and because.. we recognize that politics as usual is a waste of time. feed me Seymore doesn't work.
Do you know that the Federal government of this country is , by law, passed by our own Congress, to have enough food stored to feed every man, woman and child in this country for two years?
That's a fact.
My bad, they changed the rules while I wasn't lookng.
Here is the actual wording from l in the mean time.

Part 3--Department of Agriculture.
Sec. 301. Lead Responsibilities. In addition to the applicable responsibilities covered in Parts 1 and 2, the Secretary of Agriculture shall:
(1) Develop plans to provide for the continuation of agricultural production, food processing, storage, and distribution through the wholesale level in national security emergencies, and to provide for the domestic distribution of seed, feed, fertilizer, and farm equipment to agricultural producers;
(2) Develop plans to provide food and agricultural products to meet international responsibilities in national security emergencies;

Think about that for a minute. It's a fifty fifty chance you or someone in a foreign country are going to get food in a National emergency.

(3) Develop plans and procedures for administration and use of Commodity Credit Corporation inventories of food and fiber resources in national security emergencies;
(4) Develop plans for the use of resources under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Agriculture and, in cooperation with the Secretaries of Commerce, Defense, and the Interior, the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority, and the heads of other government entities, plan for the national security emergency management, production, and processing of forest products;
(5) Develop, in coordination with the Secretary of Defense, plans and programs for water to be used in agricultural production and food processing in national security emergencies;
(6) In cooperation with Federal, State, and local agencies, develop plans for a national program relating to the prevention and control of fires in rural areas of the United States caused by the effects of enemy attack or other national security emergencies;
(7) Develop plans to help provide the Nation's farmers with production resources, including national security emergency financing capabilities;
(8) Develop plans, in consonance with those of the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of the Interior, and the Environmental Protection Agency, for national security emergency agricultural health services and forestry, including:
(a) Diagnosis and control or eradication of diseases, pests, or hazardous agents (biological, chemical, or radiological) against animals, crops, timber, or products thereof; Again with the dispersants and tar balls the size of an SUV and their effects on marine life and near by farms and agriculture, not to mention the complete wiping out of the coastal sea business and commercial fisherman ... God forbid you have a tail light out though.
(b) Protection, treatment, and handling of livestock and poultry, or products thereof, that have been exposed to or affected by hazardous agents;
(c) Use and handling of crops, agricultural commodities, timber, and agricultural lands that have been exposed to or affected by hazardous agents; and
(d) Assuring the safety and wholesomeness, and minimizing losses from hazards, of animals and animal products and agricultural commodities and products subject to continuous inspection by the Department of Agriculture or owned by the Commodity Credit Corporation or by the Department of Agriculture;  Dispersants anyone?
(9) In consultation with the Secretary of State and the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, represent the United States in agriculture-related international civil emergency preparedness planning and related activities.
Oil soaked beaches, marshes and fragile marine ecosystems?
Sec. 302. Support Responsibility. The Secretary of Agriculture shall assist the Secretary of Defense in formulating and carrying out plans for stockpiling strategic and critical agricultural materials.

My bold.

They have just about enough to feed about half of us a half a loaf of bread for a month, if they can find it, it ain't moldy and they can distribute it to where it needs to go before it does get moldy and they can find a truck and a driver who will do it cheap. Never fear, the wars go on and Goldman Sachs can give BILLIONS away for bonuses.

I made a passing reference to the Prepper sites I frequent the other day and now you get to meet them..
Let me preface this with the fact that I am pretty much a left leaning Liberal scumbag in some of these peoples eyes but I have just enough of a Libertarian streak that we should all get along pretty damned well. Also, this is less than one percent of these types of sites that I read on a regular basis.
Besides, trying to make sure you and your family has enough to eat and can see at night ain't a bad thing.
I am going to start beating up on Nasty Girl real serious like to get her shit together a little more, even if my shit is scattered all over the place.
I still have enough to feed myself for at least two months, probably more and if the fucking lights go out, I know I will be good for a while in that aspect and I will tell you this, I am one innovative individual.
When I was sixteen, I made an alchohol stove out of a tuna fish can and some strips of cardboard wrapped around inside to heat up a can of chili.

That was thirty four years ago, think I haven't learned a few things since then?
I actually cut the frame of an old Ford LTD in half with an axe one time so I could haul it for scrap to get the money to eat.
Try that sometime.

My Grandparents were raised during the Great Depression and I lived with them off and on for many years, exclusively after I took off from home at fifteen, after a brief stint with my real mother and her crazy drunken husband, which is where I did the alchohol burner trick.
I was in the Cub Scouts, was a Webelos and did some serious assed hiking for two weeks that covered fifty miles around some seriously huge and frozen volcanoes when I was twelve.
I have been hungry, near starvation and I don't want to ever go there again.
 I have stayed under bridges, lived in my car, lived in a van and have frozen my ass off under the stars.
I don't often harp on this subject here but we are currently in The Greater Depression, even if no one wants to say it out loud, the current economic plight of every day Americans  is going down hill and gaining momentum.

It is past time that you should be putting some resources away and I am going to give you some places to get the information that you will need that could prove to be critical and be desperate to have in the future
Pay serious attention and book mark these links. Then, continue to monitor them because the Shit has already Hit The Fan  and you can't eat American Idol.

First off,

100 things that disappear in a prolonged emergency.
Copy this and get busy.
Long time preppers are already half way through this list or more, I personally have a long ways to go but I still work at it.
Now comes the links that you should watch, granted they are bloggers and it isn't every day they post about specifics but generally do a good job, the thing to remember is not to crap your pants and go into debt getting ready, that is counter intuiitive, read their back content and archives.

Survival Blog, this is the Grand Daddy of them all. One warning, the recommendations espoused will be way the heck beyond the average Americans  ability to afford, there is great info if you pick through it though.
Especially the archives. start there.

Next up, a great guy who actually lives the life every day and has a wealth of info on how to live off grid and thrive, M.D. Creekmore @ The Survivalist Blog.
Hey, when you are being foreclosed on like I was, you can get pretty damn appreciative of a damn travel trailer for a roof over your head and that guy does it well. Serious info for hard core off grid living and a damn nice guy in my opinion, I wish we were neighbors and I had a giant still.
Next up, Wretha. Another off grid, no dang electricity, out in the middle of no where, kicking ass and taking names kinda gal.

OK, this next one reminds me of my dear departed Grandmother sometimes so much that I just want to give her a giant bear hug and a squeeze it kills me.
Jackie Clay.
I absolutely adore this woman, I swear, she is the Martha Stewart for us regular folks.Go read every word this lady has ever written and then buy her cookbook. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Oh my, what a wonderful lady. A virtual walking encyclopedia for canning advice. She has a blog associated with Back Woods Home magazine, who is my next recommendation.
Moving along, this has already taken an hour, we have a a few other places I suggest you peruse, this ain't no cake walk and knowledge is power.

I am going to link to a couple of other folks who are trying to get by with hard work and limited resources.
Sometimes it's not all sugar plums and unicorn farts, there is serious work and unexpected hardships involved in just trying to live and raise kids and varmints.
One of my favorites is Self Sustained Living.
MMPaints is having a hard time getting by right now but exhibits some of the best qualities of what made this country great.
My hat is off to you honey.

Best of luck to you.

Here is one that is geographically close to me as the crow flies but would take over two hours to drive to because of this huge river between us and how far I would have to drive to get to the nearest bridge.
This lady is a farmer, a real one, who grows her own beef and takes care of her soil, does the hay bailing thing and cooks on a wood stove. Throw Back At Trapper Creek.Mind you, she does this on the side of a volcano in the North West corner of Oregon.
The weather up here is a couple of months behind Texas, take my word on that...

I told you this could take a while.
Two other sites you should read regularly are Sharon Astyk's Blog , she even has written a couple of books and teaches classes, in her own house., the other one would be Preparedness Pro.
This lady lays down the law, get yourself ready and here is how to do it,

There are literally hundreds of sites that will give you solid advice how to be a bit prepared for even a small inconvenience such as a temporary electrical failure all the way to zombie hordes beating down your door to eat your brains.
I would hope that anyone who actually reads my ranting has enough brain power to differentiate between the two.

This ain't no joke folks, this country is going belly up and there will be a day when the shelves will be empty.
Just ask anyone who lived in New Orleans  after Katrina and had to move to Oregon. It happened.
There are counties grinding up their tore up roads and turning them back to gravel, that is your clue.

Three unemployed neighbors are mine, I have to reconsider the fact that they know I have toilet paper, let alone Rice A Roni.


  1. I do appreciate the links, Busted...some of these places I haven't been to before!

    Never such a thing as too much good information! At least, that's my opinion!

    hanks again, buddy! Good post!

  2. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Thanks for the info. Some of those were not on my list. You ever need help e mail me.

    I know you are serious with this colorful language. lol

  3. Thanks busted... It is good to be prepared for the worst... "And None of the People's English"...sigh...☺

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  5. Hey Cuz,I think you're ok for a lefty. At least you ain't wishy washy,getta respect that!


  6. Things aren't totally in the toilet yet although the family cat is starting to look delicious. I keep her well fed just in case. :-)

  7. Anonymous11:41 PM

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  8. Thanks for the luv, I assume you live in the US, if so, be sure to check out my book giveaway contest, there's still time to enter...

    you might want to check out the comment spam, the stuff with the asian writing, it links to a porn site... not that there is anything wrong with that... LOL

  9. I knew I liked you honey.

    My GF likes you too, she is just now telling me she went to your site and read Relationship part 1.0 and she says she sounds just like you and I sound just like yer S.O.
    I guess I am a nice guy after all.