Sunday, July 04, 2010

So It Begins

It's been relatively quiet around here, must be because every one is fucking broke. I just heard a boomer go off, the first of over a million to come later.
Twenty miles to the West on the other side of the Big River lies Portland.
The Portland Metropolitan area has over a million fucking idiots in it's borders.
I can see the fireworks from here.
Not to mention the local yokels.
It is very much like a war zone around here every fucking fourth of July.
Everything you can imagine that either makes smoke, light or noise goes off incessantly all fucking night.

The cats are a nervous wreck and I usually just stay home and get drunk.
Last year, I sat in this big tin box and surfed the web, no way am I going out amongst the nut jobs and the cops.

This year, I ain't gonna be here.
The hottie Girl friend has aquired a room at the exclusive inn across the river for the next two days.
When I say exclusive, she started trying to book a room on the first of January and it was booked up for the fourth of July then.
Someone had to cancel for us to get one.

I am going to be gone with no internet access for two days and nights of drunken debauchery, heavy accent on both of those points.
Despite my best efforts over the last two days, I still have an unacceptable level of blood in my alchohol system, I aim to cure that.

With any luck and if I am still alive, I will be back on Tuesday.

In the mean time, stay safe and if ya can't stay safe, stay sanitary.


  1. I hate the whack-a-do's too..someone always blows their hand or fingers off around here. My critters are all stressed out for three fucking dayz.

    Enjoy your debauchery time dude!!! ;)

  2. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Next year, you and Ms. Nasty cruise down here to Ft. Bragg, for some hangar steak and Old was relatively quiet, as the Zoo held court down the coast at Mendocino. My non-cat-chasin' Rottweiler didn't freak one bit. love ya!

  3. Anonymous8:38 AM

    I just wondering what in d'Hell do they fucking celebrate this days? People should clanch in companies and march on cocksuckers hiding behind office doors in every God Damn city. People should fucking train themselves to get into big fight with fuckos who enslaved us all.
    Instead all those "proud jackasses" are "celebrating". Fucking Barry will overrun AZ state Law - no one out in the streets to fuck him out!!!!
    Jesus with fucking rusty Shmeisser!!!!