Thursday, July 08, 2010

The President Of America Has Abdicated

It is pretty fucking obvious who runs this country and it sure as shit isn't an elected official.
Welcome to the Oligarchcic States of America.
When anyone, and I do mean anyone, can be threatened with jail time and a forty thousand dollar fine, for trying to see first hand what exactly is happening on the beaches in The Gulf of Mexico, where a continuing massive ecological disaster continues to unfold, there is something very fucked up.

Any one? Bueller?

Who the fuck is British Petroleum and why do they have control of our police, Coast Guard and the White House?
The Constitution is dead.
They have been gutting the fucker for years but they finally killed what was left of the First amendment.

This is now a rogue nation.
As such, I do not have to recognize any laws, decrees or treaties that are in effect.
When a government breaks the covenant that binds it and it's citizens then all bets are off.

Sorry, you did this, not me.
I guess you are just not that into me anymore.

Well, fuck ya right back.

Like I said, the Constitution is dead, there is a never ending class war going on and the Corporations are your new Master.

I don't know about any one else but I have a fucking problem with that.

The game is on, Motherfuckers.


  1. Agreed Busted. Bama and the rest do as they are told. Think it's bad now -wait till there are more of the religiously insane in office and the nightmare will really start. I mean after all they are on a mission from god ya know there yu betcha.

    I do think the oil will be so many places soon there won't be enough guns to keep people away who want to document the carnage that unaccountable government brings our nation. And that don't don't mean Bama in this case.

  2. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Hello-o-o-o-o! Do u honestly think that "documenting" and/or reporting will make ANY difference to such Government? Wake t'fuck up people.The only "game" could begin is reality show "American Enslavement. Part II". And make sure u have ur popcorn steady coming - it's going to be long, until some "federal authorities" will bust ur door. Then "Part III" will be continued at concentrated camps.

    D'Hill fuckers do not even afraid anymore. They know we have no unity, no organization, so there is NOTHING we could do to them that can harm their fucking existence.

    As OB says, I do have problem with that but hey, who gives a shit?

    Anyone remember how those Lakota people were trying to break off from the US Treaties? And what happened then?

  3. I'm with ya there Busted. Game on...

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  5. I'm with you, Busted!

    When does the March on Washington begin?

    Torches and pitchforks, anyone?


    game is on, Motherfuckers

  6. Game on this Govt is null and voided.


  7. Game on Busted - you know I'm in.

  8. I believe if I lived in a Gulf coast state I'd be rallying some militia about now!
    Show up on a beach with a few cameras and several hundred legally armed and damned pissed off citizens.
    Pause only to comment "Get the Fuck out of our way or engage you treasonist bastards"!
    Might just cause the 2nd shot heard round the world but "that shot" seams inevitable.
    The "line in the sand" is marked in oil..

  9. Northwoods,
    I tried to get to your Blog through your profile page and just went chasing my tail. Drop me a link so I can add ya to my Blogroll.
    Thanks fer stopping by.

  10. These cocksuckers have different initials after their an (r) or (d)...but they are all pieces of shit that are raping and pillaging our nation.

    So much for all that fucking transparency The Big O promised during his two year run for office. Sumbitch is a lying sack of sheepshit...just like the last occupant of the oval office was.

  11. Just my though here,
    Obama, and the rest of Gov. leaders are just pawns having to do the bidding of their masters. Just a few days ago the Dems had to go to wall street begging money for their Campaigns. This time wall street told them to shove it. So now the Dems are backing off from reform.
    Let's face it, we don't mean shit to's their country and they just let us live here.

  12. Who is BP, you ask? They started in 1909 as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, a division of Burmah Oil Company, Ltd. In 1935, they changed their name to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company when they were given exclusive rights to Iran's oil by the Shah of Iran. in 1951, after the nationalist prime minister was assassinated, the Iranian people elected Mohammed Mossadegh, who immediately nationalized Iran's oil reserves. In 1953, Kermit Roosevelt of the CIA orchestrated a coup to return the Shah (and AIOC) to power, but public opinion of the AIOC was so poor that they changed their name to British Petroleum. This only helped a little, though, and the new oil extraction policy gave extraction rights to an international consortium, of which BP only held 40 percent. BP then went around the globe looking for more oil and corrupt governments.

  13. Anonymous8:34 AM

    "Show up on a beach with a few cameras and several hundred legally armed and damned pissed off citizens."

    As I pointed out once - read about "Hutaree" Militia group in Michigan. Its get an idea to you how 200 legally armed man will be handled.
    I am not pussying out, it has to be smarter way done.
    Josie, unarmed yet

  14. Welcome to the crazy. Rethuglicians run amuck. Good possibility that they retake the House this year. Which means..nothing. Because the democrats and the rethugs are one and the same. The MSM manufactures controversy while abdicating its role in how our commonocracy should be run.
    Which is why we the sheeple of the US are so ignorant. The MSM feeds us propaganda that keeps the sheeple afraid of the boogyman under the bed. The rethugs continue to preach fear, like they have since 911. So we cower in fear of alQaeda, a small group of less than 1000 anarchists. Then we invade a country-Iraq-at the behest of big oil.
    I see a future-unless we wake the fuck up and fight the fuck back-that is run by Authoritarians(with the oligarchs running things from the shadows)-rethugs by another name-and theocratic extremeists. A US that is full of sheeple because our education system is failing right now-30% drop out rate nation wide-and we are, instead of making things better, making education worse by injecting politics, religious politics at that, into the system.
    So what we have is a country run by corporate oligarchs with 95% debt slaves, a 3rd world economy with the worlds biggest military-courtsey of the "military-industrial complex. And what do you do with the worlds biggest military? Why, you use it. Welcome to eternal war. Where we invade countries because the oligarchs want/desire raw materials and the easiest way to get them is to invade.
    Like I said, welcome to the crazy.
    And exactly what can you do against this future? Far as I can see, not a fuckin thing. The police state is standing by. They had a good practice run at the rethug convention in Minneapolis. But come the Authoritarian theocratic police state, who gets arrested first? Why that would be all the rethug demagogs like Glen, Rush, Shawn,Billo and any others who are not running the country. After all, the sheeple-debt slaves-can be easily controlled(with bread and circuses, just like Rome), those of us who simply bitch on the internet(like me)can be easily controlled because we have no access to the MSM. But those who natter on about "socialists" and other BS, those are the ones that get picked up first. Because bush increased the power of the office of president, the president can now arrest and hold any american citizen for years without charging that person and if they want to, they can torture them also. IOW, the president can do whatever he wants to and we can't do jack shit about it.
    Welcome to the crazy. Keep your passport handy so you can get the fuck out of Dodge if you need to.

  15. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Game? Please, is Boobus Americanus had any sense they would have stopped spending money ages ago, except for bare necessities:

    Cancel the phone service b/c of FISA. Get a pager, use pay phones, if at all.

    refuse to buy health insurance. put what you would pay away and believe me if you need it there will be more than enough to cover your expenses for most things medical. If you have a catastrophic illness god forbid, even if you have insurance you'll be fucked anyway. So why pay them 900-1200 of your hard earned dollars per month for their worthless promise to pay on your behalf.

    Don't patronize business whose practices you loathe.

    Don't vote for incumbents. Public service should be a revolving door not a fucking career path for generations.

    Cancel cable TV and all other worthless and unnecessary expenses. For about 20$ a month you can have internet on a single phone line if you need anything to "entertain you".

    Sadly, what I expect will happen is a mass emigration from America. I intend to move to Central or South America myself. When the village stops functioning in the best interests of the villagers, it's time for the villagers to move on.