Friday, July 16, 2010

The Million Dollar Mile

Right in front of my fucking house.

For the last two weeks I've endured traffic delays in what most of you might consider the middle of fucking nowhere. I live in the hills...coyotes, hawks and an owl hunt the field behind my place. Deer and racoons are common. Every now and then I'll have a half dozen or so cows in the yard 'cause they escaped from down the road. Whatever. Saves me from mowin'.

They've been patching my road (which didn't really need it, by the way) for the last two weeks. Big-ass machines ripping up the asphalt and flinging it into dumptrucks and bigger-ass machines laying down new pavement and could-give-a-shit workers leaning on shovels all fucking day on my fucking dime.

So I come home today, after totally denying OB's offer of a Jameson (I swear that bastard wants me to join him on the dark side...come to the dark side...we have cookies whiskey ). I get home and the traffic guy with the stop sign is in RIGHT in front of my driveway. I'm three cars back.

Oh, no you don't.

I pull out and go around and the traffic guy goes apeshit. He runs out waving his little stop sign like I just entered Area 51 or some shit like that. I put my turn signal on and point to my place...repeatedly. He's on some kind of traffic-guy-with-a-stop-sign power trip so he don't care. If they gave 'em guns I would have been shot for ignoring the authority of the guy with the sign. Fuck you.

I lean out the window and yell, "I live RIGHT THERE". He finally understands and yay, I get to pull into my own fucking driveway.

Feed the cats, go get the mail, talk to the guy. I apologize. "Dude, I live right here...I'm not waiting to get home when I already am. Sorry about that.". His excuse was he didn't see my turn signal. Yawn.

So asked him what the fuck? Why did they spend two weeks patching the road and then re-pave the whole damned thing? He shrugged. Didn't make sense to him either.

He could care, I reckon...job's a job now-a-days. And that's a pretty sad commentary on the State Of The Nation. I'd like to equate it with building freeways during the Great Depression but it isn't the same. Back then they were trying to put the nation back to work. Now they're just raping it for profit.



  1. I call the streets 'round here fucking cow trails. I've ridden on logging roads that were smoother. Sure wish the motherfuckers would repave streets 'round here, but they pocket the tax money instead. Give it to their brothers-in-law for "studies" and fucking "consulting". Well I got some free "consultation" for 'em: fix the fucking roads before I shoot your theiving ass....

  2. Luke, I'm yer father.You pussy.
    It's probably a good thing you passed on the Jameson, you'ld a run his ass over. It's like that fucking tunnel they put under the highway on 14 at 17th street for the fucking tourists to wander down the dike like cows with no place to go. Two million fucking dollars for that, so hikers and bicyclists don't have to wait for a street light.
    Even better is the land bridge they built right before ya hit Vancouver next to the end of an airport runway to connect the fake historic frontier houses they built to they walk way along the river.They is some serious pork projects around here that have shit all to do with anything except some assholes with connections idea of "accessability".
    Yeah, access to a dead end dirt fucking road on top of a dike.

    Yer tax dollars at work.

  3. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Its an obvious shit, OB. Every State has a piece of pie from Feds (our tax money) to "do some work". Thank you fucking assholes in D'Hill. U're absolutely right - money frlows to fucking hairy-nose relatives of David Steinberges and Sara Shmultshmutz for a "projects". I am witnessing here to personally being interviewed for a State temp position for doing a virtual host/portal of damn-shit info in order "to help people whos struggling in this difficult time". Holy Fucking Jesus Menoiya!!!
    How about to DO SOMETHING productive, huh assholes?
    So what, Children and Families Depts now unable to serve us? What to fucking "help" with? To people who loosing their fucking properties? How in the fuck u sonsobitches will "help" if the traitors are running the program? How?????
    Shit, how long this is going to take for us to unite and fuck them all at once?

  4. I know someone who was given a summons for doing what you did. Forgot the statute buy in NC it is a pretty serious misdemeanor.

    I never heard the end result, but it certainly cost at least a lawyers fee.